Leaving SSiW

Hi Aran,

I can’t seem to cancel my subscription on site as it’s an imported subscription.

Anyway, to everyone:

Thanks all for the support and friendship but I’m finding I really don’t have enough time for all the trouble I want to get into at the moment, so I’m withdrawing from SSiW for the foreseeable. Hopefully, I’ll be back one of these days.

Diolch eto,

Hi Jo - I can’t find anything in Paypal with the email address we have for you - might you have a different email address for Paypal? Or could you have set up payment as a standing order? If it’s a standing order, you’ll need to do the legwork, I’m afraid - but if we can track you down in Paypal, I can fix it…:slight_smile:

Hope you have a great time with all the stuff on your plate…:slight_smile:

Standing order and now cancelled :slight_smile:

And, eventually, it will all balance out. Fingers crossed.