Learners in Pen Llŷn or nearby?

We’ve been contacted by a researcher for Cwmni Da - they’re going to be doing a series looking at life in Pen Llŷn - and they’re keen to have some stories from people who’ve moved to the area and made the effort to learn Welsh.

I think they’d be willing, at a pinch, to talk to people up towards Dyffryn Nantlle - I know we have some learners up there - but it would make them even happier if there was anyone actually in Pen Llŷn (which most people will give you as anywhere to the left of Porthmadog, even though some people are sure it doesn’t start until Pwllheli!).

Anyone interested in having a chat with them? :sunny:

I’ve got a cousin just outside Harlech who’s been learning with the Welsh for Adults service - she’s on to Meistrioli now. She’s quite a colourful character! I don’t have her email address, but I could get it from my MiL. Any good?

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Diolch, Sara! I’m pretty sure they’d baulk at Harlech (that’s almost the south of Wales from a Pen Llŷn perspective :wink: ). I’ll mention it to them just in case, so diolch diolch.

Oh, we really have to get some better winks.

Aran, I’m always happy to talk to anyone about moving to Dyffryn Nantlle & life as a learner. I’m on a break from work at the moment so am around most of the time, based in Penygroes. If Cwmni Da are interested, please feel free to pass them my details.

Brilliant, thanks Stine, I was hoping to hear from you :star:

S’mae Aran. Dw i’n byw tipyn bach gorllewyn o Borthmadog, ym Morth-y-Gest.
I’m just to the west of Porthmadog, so if Borth-y-Gest is included I’m happy to help.

Gwych, diolch yn fawr iawn, Mark!

I’m waiting for a follow up email from the researcher, at which point I’ll pass on the details from here and let you know I’ve done that :sunny:

ha ha ha, predictable as ever, me :wink:

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Hi Aran
I’m perhaps too new, I only moved to Llanaelhaearn in July, although I’ve been learning since March 2013. I’ve just started some traditional style classes & I’m with Jean in Porthmadog every Friday morning to improve my reading & writing skills! :smile:
Looking forward to Bootcamp in April, so I’m off to learn a few songs!!! :wink:

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Terrific, thank you Karen :sunny: - where were you when you started learning? I think it would be particularly interesting to hear from someone who’d decided to learn before moving to Wales, although I don’t know if Cwmni Da would necessarily feel the same way…

We’ve moved from North Derbyshire, New Mills. I was so certain of our intended move that I started with your free online course, decided it was for me & I’m now in the middle of course 3.
I go to session siarad on Sat morning too!

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That sounds like a genuinely superb achievement - it’ll be great to meet you on Bootcamp :sunny:

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Thanks Aran!

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I live about four miles from Aberdaron. I moved here nearly twenty years ago. Over that period I have been trying so learn Welsh, usually in local classes that are just one evening a week.

As no one else speaks Welsh in my household, and I work from home, my biggest problem is practice. Watching S4C helps but there is nothing like a real conversation with someone who absolutely refuses to speak any English.

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I live in Sarn. I am not a Welsh speaker, but trying between work etc doing a little SSi
when I can and go to traditional classes, so probably not good enough for Cwnmi Da.

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Thank you both! Mali is keeping an eye on this thread, and I’ll pass on the email addresses for anyone she’d like to talk to :sunny: