Learner-friendly places in Cardiff and the Vale?

Haia Pawb!

I am really struggling to get the confidence back to try speaking Welsh, as online chats don’t work that well for me.

Does anyone know of any shops around Cardiff, Newport or the Vale which are ‘beginner-friendly’ and don’t mind learners having a go?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I know from experience that in Cardiff you may want to pay a visit to “Siop Cant a Mil”, a lovely little Welsh book-store with staff that is always happy to chat in Welsh with their customers.


Not a shop, but given you’ve mentioned that area St Fagans Museum is excellent (and free to enter)! The Cymraeg-speaking staff wear the orange lanyards so are easy to identify, and all who I spoke to last weekend were lovely and were very enthusiastic to learners.


Excellent suggestions above. Also, there is a super-friendly and lively group of learners who meet up in Chapter Arts Centre in Canton on a Monday evening. They’re usually there in the “Cwtch” area at the back (the group is called Clonc in the Cwtch) and are really welcoming to learners of all levels.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I’ve never been to Chapter so I’ll look into that. It’s tough to find groups that meet up outside of working hours so an evening group would be great! Might take some more courage for me to try St. Fagans again as I had a bad experience there having a go at speaking Welsh in the sweet shop, but I know Cant a Mil and it seems nice.

Also: how would I say “Do you mind if I try speaking Welsh with you?”

My guess is:
Oes ots gyda ti os dw i’n trio siarad Cymraeg gyda ti?
But if someone could check it for me that’d be great :slight_smile:

There is also this fairly new group that meets on a Thursday evening in the Owain Glyndŵr in the centre of Caerdydd:

New Welsh Language meetup in Cardiff


Stwff in Llanilltud Fawr (Llantwit Major) - owned and run by Welsh speakers

Not a shop, but the woman on the reception desk in the Pierhead down in Cardiff Bay was happy to chat to us in Welsh when we visited earlier this year. She put the film show on for us in Welsh too.

Just giving this a boost to see if someone could check my sentence above is correct? Thanks!

Sorry, I have no idea how to quote posts.

Yes, that’s fine.

To post quotes, highlight the part you want to quote and a little ‘quote’ option will pop up - click that and it’ll post the quote into a new reply for you (as it has here).

Thank you Siaron!

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