Latest news on the Online Eisteddfod 2021!

The planning for this year’s Online Eisteddfod is underway and it won’t be long until we can reveal the Categories and Topics to you.

We can tell you already that the main theme for this year is Môr a Mynydd - ‘Sea and Mountain’ - so something to start thinking about.

In the meantime, feel free to browse around amongst previous year’s Eisteddfod entries. They’re worth a look at!


The Categories for this year have been announced! Have a look at

Written Categories

Visual Categories

Audio Categories

If you have questions about those particular categories, it’s fine to ask them in those threads, but if you have general questions about the Online Eisteddfod, you can ask those in

Any Questions about the Online Eisteddfod 2021

The Closing Date is not until the end of October, so plenty of time to get really creative :slight_smile:

The Categories and Rules document is now available for download :slight_smile:

SSiW Online Eisteddfod 2021 - Categories and Rules.pdf (293.9 KB)

EDIT: There was a typo in the document above, so it’s corrected here:

Categories and Rules 2021.pdf (294.0 KB)


The Closing Date for submissions has been put back slightly as the 31st October clashes with Halloween and All Saints Day which are family celebrations for some people, plus we adjust the clock that day so it may cause confusion with time zones.

Gisella has set Friday 5th November, 23:59 (GMT by then) as the final limit for receiving entries, so you all get a little bit longer :grinning:


Hi, I’m so sorry and I’m probably going to look a bit stupid here, but how do we get our entries to you? I know you’ll have put the info out there, but I can’t find anything (trust me, this is a reflection on me, not yourselves!)

Scroll up a bit to Deborah’s July 7th post - there’s a pdf you can download which has all the information about not only the categories but also how to send your entries in.


Thank you!

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Huge congratulations to each and every one of you who has sent in an entry to this year’s Online Eisteddfod. We’ve had a record number of entries which is fantastic!

There is an important change to the Voting System this year. Instead of it happening here on the forum, Gisella has prepared a separate website where the voting will take place.

There is also a change to the number of votes you can make. We receive such amazing entries that it is often difficult to choose just one entry that you wish to vote for. This year Gisella has set the poll so you can vote for MORE THAN ONE entry within each category. We suggest that you select up to 2 or 3 depending on the overall number of entries in the particular categories.

NOTE that you can only register your vote ONCE in each category – so after you’ve selected the ones you want to vote for and clicked on VOTE, you don’t get a chance to come back and change your vote. Make sure all the entries you want to vote for are ticked, before you click on VOTE.

At the top and bottom of each category here on the forum, you will find the direct link to the corresponding category on the voting website. Some of them are there already so as soon as you’re ready, you can click on the link and start voting; others will be put there as soon as those categories are ready.

You have until November 21st to cast your votes, so start browsing and considering your choices :slight_smile:


A great night to celebrate all the Eisteddfod entries talent. If you’d like to take part please contact me
The link will be shared here :wales: