Language Learning

I saw this and thought of SSiW… it may have been posted already , if so then this thread can be deleted…

Just one thought… when’s SSiW video versions coming out???

and secondly a question for all you natural Welsh speakers out there looking in… What do you think?? Is this going to help with regard to “ffrinDiaith”

I watched this a few weeks ago, but wasn’t sure what to make of it. My view is that everyone actually acquires language differently. Some need a lot of written input first (Steve Kaufmann pops up yet again) while others prefer audio. I’m an audio man myself. I think the time to hit the grammar books is when you can already express yourself fairly well. Think about how we all learnt the mutations here so easily - have you ever read a grammatical explanation of how and when to apply mutations? You would stand zero chance of getting them right. I do think that reading helps with memorisation though.

Just watched this, very interesting to hear someone else tell us that our SSi way of learning is spot on. I am always a bit suspicious about a cookbook approach to anything, e.g. his “7 rules”. But a lot of what he says makes perfect sense, and is implied in the SSi method, such as emphasis on speaking, start mixing (= use the patterns you have learned in creative ways), listening (to get the language patterns right even without understanding).
The 3000 word being 95% of vocabulary needed for normal conversation has been discussed in this forum a few times - but as a 4000 word target.
Language parent = Ffrindiaith and conversation groups (interesting to note that language parent does not correct and gives appropriate feedback, also wholly SSi).
One thing that I was sort of aware of, but was made explicit is that it is important to get the meaning first, without understanding exactly what is actually being said by looking at body language, etc.

I watched this and found it interesting. About five minutes in I was thinking that it was vague marketing-speak, and I was close to turning it off, but I’m glad I stayed for the whole thing.

I agree with everything Louis said about it. The one other thing that really popped out at me was the observation that immersion without any understanding is useless. But if you can pick up some meaning, then immersion is massively useful and allows you to absorb more without conscious effort. That reminds me of the philosophy of the SSiW listening exercises.