Lack of personal pronoun

I realise that commands don’t need personal pronouns, but what about normal speech. This morning on Radio Cymru, I heard children saying things like “clywais” without the “i”. Is this standard.

It’s much more common in written Welsh. I suspect the child (I heard it too) is being influenced by being introduced to the formal language at school.


I’ve noticed this happening in “Mae’n braf” and other phrases like that. I think I’ve also noticed it’s absence in the negative… always “dydy o ddim yn braf”… is there “dydy’m braf”?

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I’ve not heard "dydy’m braf " think that would be a bit too contracted. “Dwi’m yn gwybod” I hear a lot, but the “yn” is still important. (Unless you go for the Gog - wmbo)

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I would always use the pronoun in those situations in normal speech, and it sounds un-natural to leave it out.

However, once you start including Mi on the start of the sentence - “Mi glywais hynny”. I notice the pronoun missing in other places in the northern course where I always use it - generally I think to show posession. Things like “ei blant” in the northern course would generally be “converted” to “ei blant e” in southern, so it could be that northerners do use less of the pronoun than us.

I think this is a lisghtly different thing - the “hi” of Mae hi’n braf" tends to get taken over by the same sound at the end of mae. I nearly always say “ma fe…” but "Mae … (“Ma hi…”)


No, but you might hear ‘dio’m yn braf’… :slight_smile: