Kidwelly conversation group - every Monday evening

Every Wednesday in the Fisherman’s Arms, Kidwelly, 6:30 - 7:30.
A regular five of us meeting up now. Newcomers welcome. Come and take a side in “llwynog neu cadno”.

Hopefully this works:


Four of us tonight.

The learned folks at Aberystwyth university prefer llwynog. I also spoke to a small child later on and while she recognised both words, she seemed more comfortable with cadno.


Ydy “cadno neu llwynog” y fath mwya cywir?

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One week break next week (Nov 30), back the week after.

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Hi, is this group still running ? I am a very new learner and would love to start trying to chat … Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Every week, regular as clockwork. There were eight of us this week.

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Ah that’s great. Thanks for getting back to me. I have just moved to mynyddygarreg this week so once I have unpacked and got organised I would love to join you. I am an absolute beginner … would that be ok ?

It doesn’t matter what your standard of Welsh so long as it’s Welsh! We were all absolute beginners once. Even just sitting listening to other people speak Welsh is a big help.


Thank you … as soon as we’re remotely resembling unpacked and organised I will be with you :laughing::+1:

Shwmae! Just wondering if this group is still going/ planning on returning? Just started level 2 and need some practice in the wild!

We stopped because of the covids and haven’t started up again yet. I’m not sure if the pub will be reopening either.

Probably should have updated here sooner. We restarted a couple of months back, but our regular pub hasn’t reopened after Covid. We were using the Kidwelly Hub for a bit but that’s not available anymore, so we’re on the lookout for a new home, and we’re now on Monday evenings (6:30 - 7:30).

Currently planning on trying the Mason’s Arms, in Kidwelly. Our numbers have taken a bit of a battering through Covid (people not returning yet, rather than actually dying) so somewhat in need of new members. Find us as “Sgwrs Pysgotwyr” on Facebook or message on here.

@Deborah-SSi - just so you know, this is one that used to be on a Wednesday (in case you need to update any of your other lists)

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I’ve edited it instead - Deborah keeps the lists of meetups, so it’s always worth tagging her so that she sees the latest information.

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Diolch @siaronjames!

I’ve added a link to this thread from the Post-Pandemic Meetups list @dave_5 so people can find it more easily. I’ll mention in the next newsletter that your meetups have started up again as well. We had so many new people start learning Welsh with us during the lockdown you may have some new faces joining you!

I would be interested in coming along - I live in Carmarthen. I’ll have a look for you on Facebook.

Seven members now! Madness. We have switched to the Gatehouse, for the summer at least.

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Now in the Gwenllian centre. Still 6:30-7:30 Monday evenings.