Kent SSiW in Rochester - Sat 5th July

Shwmae Pawb!
We at Rochester have agreed the next meet at the Coopers Arms in Rochester will be on the 5th July.
As ever, everyone is welcome, no matter how much Welsh you know, just use what you know and enjoy conversing in Welsh in one of the nicest pubs in Kent!

I didn’t make it again. Part chicken - part busy. I’ve put the 5th in the diary and will be working up to it all month. Hoping my courage won’t fail again.

Just a reminder about our Saturday 5th July meet-up. Looking forward to, Gavin giving as the skinny on his first, “Bootcamp” experience…

Just a boost! By the looks of the weather we should have a great afternoon in the beer garden between 1 'til 5…Croeso gynnes iawn i pawb!

It was lovely to finally meet you all today. I’m sorry that I kept dragging the conversation around to english. Next time I’ll be prepared with a few sentences. (Great tip by the way.)

Great to meet you, Sam, and to link-up with, Gavin and Hywel too. Great afternoon with loads of Welsh and talk of Wales and “Bŵtcamps”.
After we left the Coopers, Gavin and I wondered up to the Man of Kent pub where to our good fortune we met a professional artist/ musician, Wynford Vaughn Thomas from the Rhondda who speaks Welsh. (It really is worth using whatever Welsh you have straight of bat when you meet anyone Welsh…)
He was delighted to speak with us and he joined us for a beer - We had even more hwyl a sbria and talked about art.
A link to Wynfords website:
A fantastic day!!!

Another great meet this month!
And lovely to (finally) meet Sam. Don’t worry about On my way! much English was used. For your first meeting you still used quite a bit of Welsh and we know that you will use more and more Welsh over time. We hope to see you again in future meetings :slight_smile:
Also good to catch up with Kim and Hywel too.
It was also great to meet Wynford Vaughan Thomas in another pub we visited after we left The Coopers Arms. Who’d of thought we would run into a Welsh-speaking artist and musician in Medway?? He showed us some of his work on his website through my iPad and I recommend a visit. Kim’s put a link on the previous post. Check him out!

Actually… Kim - would it be worth posting on a new thread about Wynford’s website, do you think??

That’s very kind, but next time I’m going to try not to panic and try to speak in Welsh. I think its easy to get over excited when you meet people with the same interests. I just wanted to talk to you all and I couldn’t articulate it in Welsh. Great tip by Hywel though - I’ll be prepared with a few phrases next time.
I would love to see Wynford’s website. (And your Gavin - when its done.) When will the next meeting be?