Kent SSiW - Check out our video for Bore Da!

Our next meeting at The Coopers Arms near the delightful Cathedral in picturesque Rochester will be on Saturday 11th October from 1pm onwards
As ever, all are welcome, whether you’re living nearby or visiting this historic town for the day. We always welcome all speakers and learners at any level. Just come and practice what you know. Hope to see you there!

Just a bump for our enjoyable meet-ups which are a great place to use whatever Welsh you have in a relaxed atmosphere…

Croeso gynnes iawn i pawb fory/a warm welcome to everyone tomorrow in the Coopers Arms, Rochester - between one and five…

Rwy’n disgwyl ymlaen iddo e! :smile:

Hi Pawb

Dw i’n edrych ymlaen at weld chi i gyd yfory

Dymuniadau gorau

Fendiblydigedig!!! They’ll be at least three of us… :smile:

Wela i chi tua hanner awr wedi un.


Diolch, Dan, Mark, Hywel, Gavin for a great meet-up with lots of Welsh. Amazing to think how far Mark and Hywel came to join us…Diolch yn Fawr Iawn. Gavin will be posting - soon - our November and December get-togethers…Can’t wait!!!

I also want to thank all that came to Rochester yesterday for a fantastic meeting! Was good to see Dan (cymraegophile) again, who came to our very first meeting a year ago (yes, it’s been a year already!!) and also Mark (markwatkinprice) from the CACEN group in the southern counties, Hywel (hyweljohn), who is very much a regular with us now, and of course Kim (dinas). A really great meet this month, and I also cannot wait for the next one!
A new thread is already up for the next meeting with an additional date for our close of the year Meetup as well. I hope we can see more people come along to our meet before the year is out!

Here is the video we recorded at this months meet.


I’m impressed, Gavin!!! Very impressed!!! Send it in!
Amazing what you can do on a mobile phone. One learning curve for me was - Kim don’t drink three pints of Cŵrw Eryri before standing infront of the camera. I applaud Gav’s patience as I fluffed take after take…


Gwych! :star2:

Waw! That’s really professional looking! How as it done?


Evening all, just joined the forum and trawling through. Very surprised to find a welsh group in Kent. I am in the early stages of learning welsh with SSiW (lesson 9). I live near sevenoaks so would love to pop along to the next meeting (work permitting). When will it be? Is it announced on the email chain?


Hi Edward, the next meetup of the Kent group will be on Saturday, Nov 15th at 1pm in the Coopers Arms, Rochester. And yes, it is in the weekly email :smile:

It was done using an app called iMovie. It’s only available for Apple devices and can be used on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It’s pretty basic, but the quality of the effects it offers are really good.


Just checked my emails, and received a reply back from Elena Roberts from Tinopolis (the makers of Bore Da), and they will be showing our video NEXT SUNDAY!!! :smiley:

This was the reply I got from them, with my original email below:

Noswaith dda Gavin,

Diolch am y video - Mae’n wych! Bydd ar BORE DA ddydd Sul nesaf.

Ry ni hefyd yn chwilio am ‘wyliwr yr wythnos’ bob wythnos, dywedwch wrth bawb yn y cyfarfod i anfon clip bach ohonyn nhw yn dweud eu henwau, lle maen nhw’n byw, ers pryd maen nhw’n dysgu Cymraeg a beth yw eu hoff air Cymraeg!

Cofion a diolch,

Elena Roberts
Cynhyrchydd BORE DA

-----Original Message-----
From: Gavin Humphreys
Sent: Sun 10/12/2014 12:12
To: ""
Subject: Cyfarfod Cymraeg yng Nghaint
Annwyl Bore Da,

Dw i’n anfon fideo ar gyfer ein cyfarfod yn Rochester, Caint, yn Lloegr, ar gyfer ystyriaeth bod yn cynwysedig mewn eich rhaglen. 'Y ni’n gobeithio bydd e’n iawn i defnyddio.

Tinopolis Centre, Park Street, Llanelli SA15 3YE
UK Company Reg. 03832383

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That’s great news, Gavin and such a fast response!!!
The producer of the show Elena Roberts is also inviting us learners to send in short clips of ourselves giving our names, where we live, how long we’ve been learning for - reasons for learning; and what our favourite word is. So a golden opportunity for SSIWers to be on the television…These can be sent to: BOREDA@TINOPOLIS.COM

This really is an OES AUR/a golden age for learners of Welsh. With sites like this, multimedia, Welsh learners groups throughout the world, Skype, Google hangouts, etc there has never been a better time for us Welsh learners…So much different to 20 years ago when it was a two hour class and few went on to be - Speakers.

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Great to see you on the Forum, Ed!!!
Hopefully, your work permitting, you can pop along soon. Will be meeting the 15th of November 1 'til 5. We’re a very friendly group which will allow you to use whatever Welsh you have. It’s purely a group for chat about anything really…You’ll find a thread giving details on the website.