Kennel club name for my Welsh girl

Simple question, I hope. I’m registering my Welsh border collie Ceridwen with the kennel club. I want to extend her Welsh name to “Ceridwen crochan o awen” but I’d like to check it’s right rather than look a numpty. I’m hoping it says “Ceridwen cauldron of inspiration”. I have 24 characters to play with. Any help appreciated.

The 'o (‘of’) here doesn’t need to be included in Welsh like it does in English, so “Ceridwen Crochan Awen” would, I think be fine.
In the Mabinogi, Cauldron of Rebirth is “Pair Dadeni”, so maybe “Ceridwen Pair Awen” would work too.

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diolch! I like your version better. That she shall be. Unfortunately she doesn’t actually speak Welsh. Our friends Clwyd, Allun and Alun are working on her, though :wink:

My dog doesn’t speak Welsh either, but he is bilingual - he can ignore me in both Welsh and English :wink:


I think I have mentioned elsewhere that my Toffi is just the same!! Whereas one shake of the treat jar and whoosh… faster than supergirl…she is with me!

My two understand “Paid”.

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Toffi understands it but tends to think it cannot cover a time period in excess of five seconds!