S’mae Pawb?

It may be of interest to those of you who play pen-and-paper RPGs, that the Keltia roleplaying game is now available in PDF format. Set in 485 AD, it is an Arthurian game very firmly premised upon the myths and legends of Cymru, rather than the knights in shining armour of Mallory. There is plenty of Welsh in the game too; as a flavour:

The two principal mountain chains are the Eryri Mountains peaking at 3560 ft, which occupy most of Cymru, and Hen Ogledd’s Highlands (4035 ft). The Eryri Mountains include the Yr Wyddfa (“the tumulus”), home of Rhitta Gwar, the red giant, and door to the Annwyn.

The game posits that “Arthur” is the son of Einion (Yrth) ap Cunedda, Gwynedd’s Pendraeg and Emrys Wledig’s daughter. Players take on the role of clan warriors, sword brothers, bards, druids and mages adventuring in dark age Ynys Prydein, a world full of magic, mystery and epic quests. I’m still working my way through the rulebook, but it looks tasty.



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It sounds tasty… as a book, but I’m not into role play!!!

Well its not that kind of role play… :smile:


It does look interesting. I haven’t done any RPGing since ca. 1990. But I may get the PDF for kicks. I like how they made it compatible with their Norse themed game.

Only just found this thread, but thought i’d chip in - Age of Arthur is another rpg, set in post-roman Britain, so definately not Knights of the Round Table, etc. It does have supernatural elements in it in the form of the Fae though.
It has a section in it detailing the culture and languages, and I did actually use it as my pronunciation guide for a while for understanding written Welsh as I hadn’t found anything else as good! What is in there seems to be a pretty accurate take to be honest.
Worth a look, and they’ve just brought out an adventure book for it as well.