Keeping up and technical problems

Hi Sharon,

I don’t know about the ipad, but on my PC I get a screen like this after I save the file. The URL is highlighted. I just copy and paste this into the forum.

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Diolch yn fawr iawn! :slight_smile: @siaronjames

And yes, this is EXACTLY how it works. :slight_smile:


Diolch everyone --will try a bit later on.

Hi I’m editing my previous post which was nonsense. It should have read as below. Probably better still just to ignore it altogether :frowning: I won’t delete as that’s a bit sneaky. @aran. Please feel free to delete this whole thing, thanks.:dizzy_face:
This is the edited message -
"I’m hoping that this might help, because as I managed, with zero knowledge, anyone should be able to - This is what I did.

  1. Recorded my entry on the voice recorder
    2.Went to the Soundcloud website and opened an account.
  2. Uploaded the voice recording to my soundcloud.
    4.Uploaded from my soundcloud to this site, using the Icon above that looks like an arrow being fired from a video recorder & weblink option."

Can anyone help? Ever since the speaking practice thing started I have found that every time I try to open a thread, even one without sound, the soundclound widget opens in a browser. If I am lucky I can go back and get the thread but quite often the app just shuts down.

Has anyone else had the same problem or found a solution?

I am using an iPad mini.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

PS thought a picture might help? You can see how many tabs in the browser are open, just by going between threads

. It’s driving me crazy! What you can’t see is that in the corner is a tiny return to SaySomething to get back to the app. Screen shot did not capture.

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@lewie, @jamesmahoney or @Kinetic any thoughts?

I know this is not directly forum thingy, but anyway … :slight_smile:


Sorry - this is a bug in the app that wasn’t a big deal until, well, recently!

I’ve got big changes planned in the next release, but it’s been shelved due to business over the holidays, and I haven’t had the change to get back to it yet.

However, I can prioritize a quick update to the app to fix this, since I know it is crazy-making.

Also, if you want, I can make you a beta-tester (or anyone else for that matter!) so that you can get the fix a little sooner.


@lewie, many thanks for letting me know what the problem is, I wasn’t sure if it was something I was doing. More than happy to be a beta-tester.

Just one other thing, if I do manage to get back to the thread I was wanting to read, if it has a soundcloud link it it completely blank.

Many Thanks for you help! Much appreciated! :star:


Actually, I may be wrong. The bug that I was thinking of appears to have been fixed before the last release. Is it possible that your app is not up-to-date? A quick way to check is to go to the Settings app, scroll way down to where all the app-specific settings are, and tap on SaySomethingInWelsh. Scroll down a bit til you see Verison. 2.15 is the latest. Of course, visiting the App Store works too…

If you have 2.15, then I’m not understanding the issue - entirely possible for a Sunday afternoon :wink: Maybe you could PM me a few more details.


@lewie, Have just checked and I have the up to date app. I will PM tomorrow when I have access to a PC, that way I can go through it step by step. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Just a quick question. How do I delete my redundant Soundcloud recordings please?

I thought of posting as an audio question, but didn’t hold out much hope of following the answer on audio :frowning:

I don’t know if it differs for other versions (there seem to be a few different Soundcloud versions), but when I’m on my account, I can click on my user name to get a drop-down list. On this list, I click ‘tracks’ and everything I’ve recorded is shown. Then by hovering over a track, there are icons to edit (where you can also rename your track so you remember which it is) or delete.
Here is a screenshot of what I see:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Log in to SoundCloud, click on ‘more…’ and choose ‘delete’…

But please don’t do that for any questions that you’ve started threads with! Having a really large body of questions is going to make it much easier/more interesting for people to get into the water with this… :slight_smile:

Ah rats, I’m really sorry. I didn’t realise that they were links. For some reason I thought I was just copying over. I wont do that again.

I think I have a max of 3 hrs, which should be plenty for my little snippets of recordings.

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Did you know that you can replace the track with another version of it? But, as @aran says not to delete here connected tracks, I say not to change the here connected track either. I’m just telling you some “secrets” of the SoundCloud.

Another public secret :smile: :smile: :smile: , useful for all of you who’d want to record and upload a lot: instead of opening multiple acounts in order to be able to gain more recording time, you can go pro, which is just $9/month and you have unlimited recording/uploading time to disposal. If you staying free when the recording time estimates, the SoundCloud will delete (well I believe just kind of store so that they won’t be visible) oldest tracks to replace them with newest ones.

Hope it helps. …

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Looks like I was wrong about being wrong !! The fix for the forum bug (in the iphone/ipad app) is not in the current release. I just pushed out a release that includes the fix. It should be available in a day or two. (or immediately, if you want to become a beta tester … pawb: feel free to PM me if you want to be added to the beta tester list)


The update with the fix for the “SoundCloud” bug is now available at an App Store near you…


Thank you @lewie :star2:


I had a problem at first with SoundCloud. I installed the app on my Android phone and could record but not upload. After several tries I gave up and went to the SoundCloud website and signed in. That’s when I discovered the notice on my account that stated for me to go to my email and click on the link they sent me. Once I did that, I could then upload recordings.


Yes, because you obviously didn’t verify the acount when you created it and when you do verify it only then you can upload and do things there.

Now I hardly wait to hear your recording! :slight_smile:

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