This is a long shot, but there are some cool and enthusiastic linguists on here, so, here goes:

Is any Welsh speaker interested in learning (some) Kazakh?

Perhaps we can trade tips and ‘lessons’.

Diolch! Rakhmet!



Not yet - but I am in the early stages of learning Russian.



Very tempting, but I have to resist … for now. I’m too rusty in some of the previous languages I’ve dabbled in so 2016 is the year I’m determined to get them all up to speed. If I can meet that goal, maybe 2017 will be the year I learn Kazakh :slight_smile:


@JustinandEirwen - Where / by what method are you learning Russian? - I love the language & fancy giving it a whirl. Mezx

I am working on my Russian with Stella, a teacher and coach in Belarus, who is experienced in teaching languages. I am wedded to the SSi approach and am eager to go from ground zero to “SSi Level 3” conversational fluency at as fast a pace as possible.

Russian is wonderful, it has everything in it and is sufficiently challenging, with its rich phonetics and grammar that I felt I needed something as close to the SSi way as I could find to guide me through it.

I believe SSi is planning to launch its own Russian language course which I can’t wait to use also. Of the language teaching methods I have tried SSi is the one that has propelled me forward the fastest. I have the same positive things to say about Stella’s coaching.

If you are interested in contacting Stella or knowing about SSiRussian here are the links:

@stella and @Aran

Enjoy your Russian - it will not disappoint.



Belarus is way too far for me but a SSIRussian course sounds amazing so I’ll watch this space - no pressure @Aran :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to appear selfish or something like that, but reading your posts I sometimes wonder would anyone ever be at least a quarter as much interested in learning Slovene at all …

Yah … tinny country, tinny, unimportant language we are … sadly …

I live in Italy and take lessons by Skype. For me its ideal. I am looking forward to the SSi Russian course too - can’t wait,


Why, Tatjana, you never get this feeling at all when you see how many people are learning English? Russian is not such a big industry, sadly.

Hello, @Mez, I’m the Russian tutor that Justin mentioned.


Every language is just as important to those who communicate in it. I am learning Russian because I have a circle of Russian friends here that I see often. I want to communicate with them in their own language - and also because they have challenged me. They think I am too old and the language is too difficult for me to learn.

Hopefully Stella will be able to help me make them eat their words!!

If a group of Slovenian people join my tennis club then I will definitely be calling you for advice on how to learn Slovenian. I can imagine your language is absolutely wonderful.



We’re hoping that the course tool will be ready to start testing Russian by next week… :sunny:


No, no, missunderstanding! I thought just generally not explecitely because of Russian. Just wonderings of mine. Pardon me … and @JustinandEirwen … wanting or not … we are tinny nation with very tinny country which you can cross and travel through in just two to three hours, and many people say this to us or they show it quite clearly (not to be missunderstood again) but not here on this forum or company though.

Ask @Brigitte. She knows it all! :slight_smile:

This sounds like affiliate program. - hehe :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t play tennis and the ball is too quick for me to see it. I barely can handle Wii Sports Tennis “break the wall” game - LOL. I believe if you’d have me on training you’d start to speak Slovene on your own just that you woulsn’t have to deal with my awkwardies and “uhhh, where’s the ball” momments. :smiley: HAHAHA!

I’m curious about the solutions of the “problems” because I feel Slovene will need the similar ones …

In which case we should already have them fixed… :sunny:

That’s impolite and unkind of them, but in truth I as a Russian person get to hear a lot of things about my language and country that make me wonder what kind of upbringing these people had. It’s not the matter of how big the language is.

Oh, this is wonderful news!

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Yes, that’s what I thought. But … don’t forget … DUALITY is the additional “problem” in Slovene case.
[size=10]Now I’m curious … really …[/size]

Nope - it’s not an additional problem, it’s an additional example of the same problem - the problem is that some sentences need to be translated in more than one way. Once you solve that problem, it doesn’t matter how many different ways they need to be translated, or why they need to be translated in different ways… :sunny:


We have quite some words and sentences for one single English expression, depends of the context of the said. (not the context of the whole speach/text but of the context of what you want to tell to someone with the single sentence).

I feel it might be polite towards the author of the topic if we created separate threads for Russian and Slovene, I think, with Russian course coming (and Slovene too, apparently), they might be useful.

Agreed although the original topic should maybe be moved to “other languages” originally too but I didn’t dare to do this though.

@wondersheep, @Sionned or someone other of “our knights” would one split the topic where other debate occurs, please.

Diolch. :slight_smile:

We’ve never worried too much about splitting topics - it’s natural for conversations to flow/change - but if anyone felt like starting a separate thread, that would be cool too… :sunny: