Kathryn's promise to start SSiW with me! :-D

We’re just Course 1 beginners, but Kathryn started Lesson 1 yesterday. I had started a few days back, and I’m only just struggling though Lesson 2. There’s a bit of a longer story that might be a bit of bore. I am grateful my wife has joined me. It will be easier with the two of us to motivate each other. Thank you all for the warm fellowship of this forum.

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I’m super excited for you learning together - so much opportunity to practice with and motivate each other. Pob lwc and I look forward to hearing more about it :slight_smile:

Fantastic news - when a wife or husband joins in, everything can become more fun, and fun=easier…:slight_smile:

As Amy says, we’ll look forward to hearing how it all goes for you, and don’t hesitate to ask when you have questions…:slight_smile:

David, that’s great that your wife is learning alongside you, you will be able to practice together and encourage each other - sounds ideal to me! I am actually quite envious…I tried to get my chap to learn too but it’s not really his thing. He did try, bless him, that 10 minutes he managed of lesson 1 at least means he picked up a couple of sentences and I’m hoping to Welshify him by stealth and speak to him yn Cymraeg whenever I can ha haa (is Welshify a word??)

Good luck to you both!

I’m hoping to Welshify him by stealth

Me too! My wife is picking up bits and bobs when I watch Pobol y Cwm. She’s into the storylines now, and if a word is repeated often enough, she wants to know what it is. The only problem with learning by soap is that her nascent Welsh vocabulary includes words like rape, murder and abortion - not that easy to use in everyday conversation!

And pob lwc David! Hope you both enjoy the rest of the course.

Diolch i chi i gyd.

We are such new beginners I think posting our silly struggles is likely to be forum enterainment. No matter, it will all be a help.

One thing I’ve noticed is that Kathryn has a keen ear for proper accent and makes me repeat phrases until I get the accent better. I’m glad for that and hope that it continues.

Congratulations - perhaps you could let me know how to coerce my wife into learning with me!

and makes me repeat phrases until I get the accent better.

I saw a fun TED video recently (linked from the old forum, ISTR), that suggested that corrections like this were unhelpful while learning a language, and that getting on with it without prejudice from those listening helped one learn. Obviously as an appalling learner myself I can’t really comment on this, but I mention it as food for thought.

That TEDx talk is great! “How to learn any language in six months: Chris Lonsdale at TEDxLingnanUniversity” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0yGdNEWdn0

The part of the talk recommending safe learning environment without correction or criticism is ACTION #5 - Get a Language Parent. Hopefully Kathy and I will find a language parent and maybe you’re right, we should both try to provide that to each other. I actually appreceiate her ear at this time though.

Congratulations to you both, learning Welsh is such a fun adventure and it’s going to be even more fun when you’re two. Would have loved if my partner wanted to learn with me, instead he just calls me crazy (which I love though :)) He’ll be joining me for Spanish though, when the new course material is up :slight_smile:

Pob lwc!