Just Started And Feeling Dim!

Nope, carry straight on to 6 - the only reason to go back to 1 and 2 was to show yourself that the process works - now you know that, from your own experience, there’s no reason for you to repeat sessions - it’ll be much better and faster for you to push on through to the end of Level 1 without repetitions, as long as you can be carefree and cheerful about all the mistakes you’ll notch up! :sunny:

Ok I misunderstood at first but that’s fine, will go straight to 6 now. Fingers crossed I haven’t forgotten everything from 3-5!

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You will have forgotten stuff - as far as your conscious memory goes - but that just means that we haven’t repeated it often enough to form the memory (and the process of extracting the memory) to the level where it comes under your conscious control.

But as we keep on revisiting stuff (at longer and longer intervals) your control will gradually become more conscious and more repeatable - that’s why 1 and 2 seemed so much easier for you when you checked… :sunny:

@nikkifoster ¡Hola!

Are you still going with the course Nikki? I would love to hear how you are progressing! I have just got through Challenge 6 myself. Usted lo esta haciendo… and Usted lo ha echo… are certainly challenging on the tongue aren’t they? Well, for me they are real tongue-twisters, and so are receiving especial attention at the moment. Keep us posted with your progress, successes and woes, so we can all help each other, commiserate with each other, and take solace in the fact that any setbacks are just temporary and a necessary step on the path to speaking the language!



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Yes still with the programme - but stalled for a while! Had a break after lesson 11 for about 2 weeks, just started again this week and was sooooo tempted to go back over a few but decided I would trust previous advice and just carry on so picked up from 12. There were a few issues but oddly the “mistakes” I made were with words I thought I knew or would have said were easy, constantly using habla instead of decir and vice versa - but other than that I was really pleasantly surprised at what my brain had retained. Definitely in some subconscious way as I was able to say things I didn’t know I knew - if that makes any sense at all!!

So I’m tackling lesson 15 tomorrow, my concern now is my pronunciation. I’ve got an app on my phone that translates what you say, either English to Spanish or the reverse, so I tried a few Spanish phrases from lessons 13 and 14 but according to the app I’m not always saying what I think I’m saying. Found this a bit disheartening so not going to do that again for a while, will just keep doing the lessons and worry about the accent later.

Am off to Spain in 3 weeks so my aim is to have finished level one by then. I’ve definitely decided to do level two as well, but not sure whether to move straight on or go back and do one from the beginning once I’ve completed it, as always any advice would be appreciated.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hola Nikki,

This kind of thing is normal and probably, perversely, a good sign! :slight_smile: You know you are swapping them, and that will help get the words sorted out fairly quickly.

Trust the course Nikki, it will not steer you wrong. Keep us informed of your progress, and how you get on in España!


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@aran would definitely say -“Move on!” :smile: You can always revise Level 1 Challenge 24 and 25 on a, say, monthly basis, to keep that Level fresh.


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Well done, that was brave! :sunny:

With Level 2 - yes, definitely, push on, get as much as you can under your belt before you get to Spain - the more the better, rather than aiming for extra accuracy from revisiting Level 1.

It would also be an excellent idea for you to get some conversation sessions set up before you go to Spain - your first jump into a communication situation is a real ‘deep end of a cold swimming pool’ experience, so the more ‘use your Spanish with a real person’ sessions you can get before going, the better… :sunny: