Just Started And Feeling Dim!

Feel like that’s the only Spanish I’m ever going to use so thought I’d get it in now (just kidding). Just completed the first challenge and feeling a little concerned that I can’t remember the different words used for try/trying - am getting quite muddled and not sure I’m even hearing them correctly. I was wondering if it would help or hinder if I typed the words into Google translate to use as a reminder when going through the challenges?

Also on the web page when the challenge is in progress there’s a box labelled vocabulary list, have clicked it but nothing happens - is this something that should be used and am I missing out?
Thanks in advance for any advice. Going to do challenge 2 before bed :smile: Nikki


My Spanish is a little dormant at the moment, but I’ve experienced the same thing…

This is from the log I kept when I worked through level 1 last year

You should see a pop up dialog when you click on the vocabulary list button. (Better to use the vocab list than Google Translate, since the vocab list should directly match the course).

Are you browsing from a desktop/laptop/tablet/phone?
Are you using IE/Firefox/Chrome/built in phone browser?

As James said above - this should be working fine - it is for me right now - so if you can let us know how you’re accessing the site, we can try and see if something needs fixing… :sunny:

But those two particular things you want are ‘to try - tratar de’ and ‘I’m trying - estoy tratando de’.

The important thing at this point, though, is to understand how the spaced repetition system works - you’re not meant to have a perfect memory of everything you did in the first session - you’ll be revisiting everything in it continually over the rest of the course, and the stuff that seems impossible now will gradually seem easier and easier.

So push on through to challenge 5, and once you’ve done that, have a quick revisit of challenge 1 (just to show yourself!) - you should find that it seems noticeably easier… :sunny:

Thanks for the reply. I click on the vocab list and it brings up a white box which looks empty - out of curiosity I clicked in the “empty” box and did ctrl a and ctrl c to copy any contents - pasted into word and there was the vocab list! Bit of a long way round but at least I can see it and it helps to see some of the words written out. Not sure why I can’t see anything in the actual pop up box though, am using windows 7 on laptop and internet explorer - just done challenge 3 so will attempt challenge 4 using Chrome or Firefox and see if that helps.

Thanks again :smile:

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At least you have a workaround. All hail keyboard short cuts!

What version of IE are you using?

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Seconded. That sounds very much like an ‘older browser’ kind of misbehaviour… :sunny:

I have a quick question. Is there an android app for SSIS? I can’t see one, but then I am a bit thick. Ta

The sign up instructions in the thread are out of date - if you message me the google account you use to sign in to your phone, I can set you up with access to the beta Spanish app

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Diolch - my gmail is jen.claire.w@gmail.com - is that what you mean?


All done ta x


The app is good though I can’t see where to log on so can only access he 1st 5 lessons.
Apart from that seems to work well

I’ve heard people mention ‘settings’, might be worth looking in there (although with luck someone who actually knows what they’re talking about will chip in) @jamesmahoney:wink:

Thank you so much! And well done :sunny:

Sorry took a while to reply to people, been away for couple days with no access. So anyway, tried opening the vocab list using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer and yay - I can see words!!!

Just about to do challenge 4, did 1,2 and 3 over 2 days and now have had a break so nervous about going on to 4 without recapping but will give it a go. Hopefully will get 5 done today too, so perhaps then I can go back to 1 and see if it seems easier than first time round.

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Lesson access in the Spanish apps is controlled by purchases made via the Google or Apple stores, so there’s no support for signing in with your SSi membership details.

To get access to further lessons you have to buy them. I’ve set you up as a test user, meaning that any purchases you make should be classed as test purchases, and will thus be free. Check out the screenshot at the bottom of this FAQ document - it illustrates what a test purchase should look like.


If it doesn’t say “this is a test purchase” or something similar, let me know

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Excellent, that’s the spirit! Pretty much a perfect approach… :sunny: :star2:

Wow the challenges are so good! Did 4 & 5 then the listening exercise, struggled a little now n again in 5 but mainly a speed issue, think I would’ve got there in the end with a couple phrases but Rosa was speaking while I was still searching my brain for a word ha ha. Could understand a fair bit of the listening exercise at first but after a couple minutes my brain was scrambled and I was just catching the odd word.

But, the exciting bit … Well, exciting to me, is went back and did 1 & 2 again and they were so “comfortable” - no longer stuck on try and trying, didn’t have to press pause and when I did make a mistake it was minor and I knew I’d made it before I’d finished the sentence. (For example forgetting to put yet at the beginning).

Really loving the course and thanks for the great support.

Going to do 3-5 again before moving onto 6 as think that’s what I’m supposed to do, thanks again :grinning:

Thanks and yes would be great to practice. 5 sessions each evening is brave ha ha, how are you doing? I’ve done the first 5 and mid way through doing them all again before I take a deep breath and tackle 6 and beyond!

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