Just Imagine...!

Just imagine this place in the centre of Cernarfon and right opposite the castle as a national centre for SSiW!

We could have offices, Bootcamp facilities and a party venue rolled in to one! How amazing would that be?!


That would be amazing - definitely one for the ‘wishing machine’ !

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yeah, but just think how many subscriptions would be needed just for the window cleaning bill…

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And I think that pink bedroom would give me nightmares

Walked past that when we were up there last week, and I was thinking what a fabulous building it was. If anyone here wins the lottery this week they need to buy this for SSiW!

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OMG - it has “former cells”!! Are those for the people who try to speak English at Bootcamp? :wink:


Clearly the pink bedroom would be James’ special punishment if he spoke English at bootcamp…


There’s posh! Is that really the price, £525,000? I mean it’s more than pocket money, but in Oxford or London, that would barely buy you a two-up, two down!

Just needs a few London Welsh families to sell up and move back to God’s own country and buy it jointly …


I was looking at that building yesterday, there’s police parking across the road (or was). Them photos of the inside look amazing, fair play, but we’d need a bigger dining table. :blush:


Looked on line £550,000 for 3 bed end of terrace in E5. So, one London Welsh family could afford it, but wouldn’t be so daft as to take on the overheads, surely? ps I think that’s Hackney which was pretty down market in my day!

Is this do-able? Are there lessons to be learned from the Wrecsam Saith Seren exercise? (I’ve got plenty of questions - sadly few answers :disappointed:)

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Oh, heck - doesn’t anybody have a spare half-million pounds lying around that they need to invest?! :wink:


Ahhhhhhhhhh, I just love fantasising about this kind of thing!

It’s a magnificent building in such an interesting place and it obviously has so much scope and potential! It will be interesting to see what happens to it! :slight_smile:

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They’ll take an offer based on that price. Not sure they’d take a second-hand car and a caravan, though…


Lovely building…

But putting in the computer cabling, hiding it behind the skirting boards and redecoration will be a complete nightmare.

And all the cleaning on the last morning of bootcamp?

And the heating costs…?!


What cleaning? If you share a bootcamp with the amazing @joanalciati she will do all the cleaning while the rest of you are out in the club till the early hours. :wink::joy:


Crowd funding? :wink:

Also, can we have a pool?

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@CatrinLliarJones I asked Emma and her brother to guess how much: they said between 1 and 2.5 million…based on Cardiff prices!

That is an amazing building! Imagine a noson lawen with the gallery filled! We could host a live link to the online Eisteddfod. Be like a SSiW Llangollen.

So how many of us are there? I have £25, sooo nearly there right?


East London is a different beast these days. Shabby chic is the phrase I think. My brother lived in Old Street, then Bow and now Walthamstow (E17, he gets very bored with me a Christmas when I keep asking if he wants to “stay another day”). All have been gentrified. Now Peckham is listed as one of the most desirable places to live (according to London lovers, not for me) and Brixton is also very desirable. i remember Brixton not being a place we’d even consider visiting.

I remember being in Brixton at 8pm on a cold autumn evening in the 90s. I’d just started a BSL course… I never went back to that course… :scream::scream::scream::scream: