Just how far did Nan Humphreys walk to school?

I have just been working over Beca interview 19 with the wonderfully clearly spoken Nan Humphreys (yes, I know I’m a bit behind, but don’t wait for me, Beca, I’ll catch up) and there is one thing that puzzles me. Nan says: ‘O’n i’n cerdded i’r ysgol gynradd yn Glynarthen, cerdded milltir bob ffordd’. Before I looked at the transcript I took ‘cerdded milltir bob ffordd’ as ‘walk a mile each way’, but the transcript says ‘walk every mile of the way’, which implies a much longer journey. I guess this is quite possible – certainly there were children in my primary school class in the fifties who walked two miles down a country lane to school each day, a bit different from now when mums get the car out to drive them two hundred yards, but I thought I’d just check – wouldn’t ‘walking every mile of the way’ be ‘cerdded bob milltir y ffordd’?


That’s very observant - I don’t remember noticing that in the translation!

I agree with what you say - I understood it as a mile each way and I believe that is what it says - and what you say is correct about every mile.

…but as they say every day is a school day so I’ll be interested (too) if there is a different view!

Rich :slight_smile:

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Yes, each mile would be right in those days. I was fortunate to live just around the corner and our dog used to pop around at playtime. I’ve just checked with my wife, 2 miles wouldn’t be unusual if you lived in a town, so even more from a farm. I think 3 miles was usually the threshold before transport was provided.

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Three miles used to be the legal limit at which point the local authority had to provide free transport to school. At least that was the case up to the 1980s when our daughter caught the free minibus/taxi into town. I have no idea whether the rules have changed more recently.


Yup, so would I - that sounds like ‘transcribing at speed to meet an uprushing end of week deadline’ to me - ia, @beca-brown?! :joy: :star2:


O yeah. Perhaps every mile would be bob filltir y ffordd or something.

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I cannot imagine what you could possibly be implying, @aran!! But you’re bang on!
I think she probably walked a mile each way… :blush:

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