Just found this website: Welsh Club Preston

Hi @Deborah-SSi I just happened to find this website:

I have no connection with them, but it seems like an active Welsh group that people in that area might like to be aware of.

I wonder if they know about SSiW? (although surely everyone knows about SSiW by now…?) :slight_smile:

(I thought I hadn’t seen them in our listings. But even if they aren’t strictly an SSiW group, they may appreciate an extra little bit of publicity). There is a contact email and phone here:



(Later - Yes, they do, as SSiW is on their list of online/app type learning resources).

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They were mentioned in another thread quite recently regarding a screening of the film Solomon a Gaenor later this month, which they have organised. Sadly they only meet on Thursday mornings once a month, which gears them somewhat towards ahem Mature People of Leisure.


They’ve been mentioned in the weekly email occasionally when they have an event on. I think there is at least one SSiWer who goes along sometimes.


Do they know about the petition? If not, can you tell them?

They’re advertising another free showing of the film Solomon a Gaenor which is worth going to see if you’re near enough to Preston. It will be shown on Sunday 27th November at 2:30 pm. There is more information on their website https://welshclubpreston.org/

Actually - reading further on their home page, it seems the film will be shown after their Christmas dinner, so you would need to get in touch first. They sound like they have an enthusiastic beginners group meeting there.

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Lovely film,
I think I saw it so long ago, I was still on Gower!

They have a contact page on their website, and an email address :slight_smile:

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