Just a little humor

I just wanted to share that my favorite part of C1 Gwers 2 was learning to say:

Anyone else getting those “oh I can say that funny thing in Welsh now!” moments?

(Please forgive me if these types of posts are discouraged or belong in a better place, I will delete if need be)


Just so long as there’s no spoilers, Welsh or otherwise…

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Well I hope they are not because I loved this one!!!

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I think there used to be a joke/humour thread on the old site. People are a little too scared of the slight chance that someone else will, maybe, possibly find offence in something these days. Go for it, we all need to laugh pob hyn a hyn.


Actually I find that implication quite offensive.**

** Not really. :smile:


Haha! You’ve got me for a moment. :slight_smile:

Sorry to be dense, and was this Course 1 or Level 1, and was it southern or northern (or doesn’t it matter?)?

Cos I still don’t get the joke - Did Jon Snow say something unwise about Welsh (or the Welsh), or something?

Diolch o flaen llaw.

Ygritte, one of the wildlings, has sort of a catchphrase wherein she says “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” @Wrenmoyer was just excited to be able to say it bilingually, lol. :smile:


Yet another gap in my cultural reference spectrum…:slight_smile:

Who or what are the wildlings?
(but anyway, I sort of get it now :slight_smile: …I know, I know, I’ve killed the joke by having to have it explained…:slight_smile:

OK, Google is my friend…its about Game of Thrones I gather…definitely off my radar.

As you were… :slight_smile:

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