Just a couple of questions about what makes sense

Shw mae pawb.

As the title says I’m just wondering about a couple of things and as to whether they make sense. Having reached lesson 9 of southern course 2 I’ve started hearing “O’n i wedi” a couple of times to express I did have. I apologise if I’m entirely wrong and I’m just misremembering “o’n i wedi blino” for “I was tired”. But it did make me wonder if it would be possible to say “bydda’i wedi” to say “I will have”. So to say “I will have done it” would be “bydda’i wedi ei wneud e”?

Also as it seems a while back now since I did the core 9 vocab lessons as opposed to lesson 10 on its own I’ve forgotten if it’s possible to say “I like that” with what’s already been covered, either in the form of “dwi’n hoffi na” or “dwi’n hoffi hynny”. Thanks for the help as always!

S’mae Joel,

You are absolutely correct on all of your points above. Da iawn i ti! Its great when you start to get a natural feel for the language like this…



Thanks very much Stu! Every now and again I do wonder about how much this course has spelled out the language in common sense, because I’m pretty sure I felt much more confused learning French and Spanish back in school :smile: Out of interest if both “dwi’n hoffi hynny” and “dwi’n hoffi na” make sense, which would sound more natural in conversation to a natural speaker?

I’d just fine tune a bit to say that you’d mostly use ‘O’n i wedi’ where in English you’d say ‘I had’ - ‘O’n i wedi gofyn iddi’ - ‘I had asked her’ etc.

But the others, yes, bang on the money :fire:

I’ll be cheeky and say “Dw i’n licio 'na”!

'na is just short for hynna = “that”



Thanks Aran and Stu!

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