June 16th - our next 5DSI - one space left

Heads up in case you know anyone who’d like to go from zero to ‘actually talking’ in 5 days:

We could take early intermediates for this, although I’m most interested in seeing the impact on very early stage learners - but having said that, it will at some point be interesting to see what impact it has on intermediates (we might even get a bit more of a cumulative effect thing going)…


Me please, Aran!
I have emailed admin with more details and look forward to hearing from you!
Kind regards,


I’ve answered your email, Dai - llongyfarchiadau! :star2: :star: :slight_smile:

Is this going ahead? Not heard anything

Just emailed you - we haven’t had any extra news to add since we confirmed it… :slight_smile:

Great, thanks Aran

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And actually - we’re back to the top of this thread, because one of our brave 4 isn’t able to make it - so we now have ONE spare place - see:

@Deborah-SSi - could you stick this in the email tomorrow, unless I ping you beforehand to say it’s gone? :slight_smile:

Just writing the newsletter now. It will be uploaded by about 9pm tonight as I won’t have time in the morning. I’ll put it in with a note to check here and see if it’s still available.

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Gwych, diolch o galon i ti :star: :star2: