It's SO nice when

the junior doctor covering my ward is Cymraes and goes to speak to a patient in y Gymraeg.


Hope you are soin,out of hospital!

@henddraig, thank you. I was actually at work in Glangwili last night and ‘my ward’ was where I was working. The junior doctor is really nice and very competent (it doesn’t always go together!) and is Cymraes. When I moved to Cymru in 2000 not nearly so many of the junior doctors, or any doctors at any level, spoke Welsh and a much higher proportion came from Asia. It was just very nice to see her working in her mamiaith. She told me that a couple of years ago the year below her in Med school (Cardiff?, Swansea?) had the first lecture in Welsh in Med school, with translation equipment available.


@margaretnock That would have been Cardiff University School of Medicine. I trained there and now work there. The lecture was given by Dr Awen Iorwerth and seemed to go down very well. Here’s a link to the story:


Diolch @margaretnock a @Kimberley Both inspiring stories and I’m very glad neither of you are ill!!

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