Issues speaking Welsh

so, your Grandad did it the other way around to me. This is the problem with geography, it is more important where you feel you come from then where you were geographically. I’ve lived in several places in Britain, in some places after a while I feel an attachment, other places not so, so where you feel connected to is more important than where you actually have lived.
One of the issues for children in South Powys is that so many are born across the border in Hereford [because Powys has no general hospital], so many babies are registered as being born in England. I always find it a bit weird when I fill in forms and put my birthplace as England and my nationality as Welsh.

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To me it’s definitely the place where you grew up. I was actually born in Lancashire, but if I said that no one would believe me, least of all people from Lancashire. We moved to New Zealand when I was 3 years old and that’s all I remember, so when asked where I come from “yn wreiddiol” I always answer “Seland Newydd”. The being born in Lancashire bit is a mere technicality, that came rather in handy to get me a UK passport :slight_smile: