Is this a bug or just me?

When I click on ‘Discuss’ at the top of the page, it takes me to the ‘Other languages’ forum, and I then have to click on ‘Welsh’ to get me to this forum. It’s not the end of the world, I suppose, but it’s a bit annoying.

Is there somewhere that I have accidentally set ‘Other Languages’ as default, perhaps? If there was something I could do to reduce the amount of clicking I need to read the forum, that would be super. :smile:

Not just you - It does it for me, too. It started a few weeks ago when the new design went into beta test, I think. I’ve been meaning to report it, but it’s so little hassle that I haven’t got round to it! :wink:

The ‘Discuss’ button is a bit of a hack around that the forum and site are different applications - so the site tries to guess which forum category to send you to, based on (if I remember correctly) what you’ve most recently been looking at/doing lessons in. It seems possible that it’s a bug in the new site layout that it forgets where to send you.

Of course, if you want to quickly go to the Welsh forum, you could bookmark it… (Or just leave it always-open, as I do!).

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We know that the current workaround isn’t entirely reliable, so this is something that we will put some of Ifan’s time into once we’re up and running with the course creation tool… :sunny:

Thanks, all. I’m perfectly happy to keep working round it as it’s not the most important thing in the world to fix :smile:

(But I’m glad it’s not just me being tw^p.)

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Ooh … this has been fixed now :smile:

Thanks very much to the SSiW code fairy for fixing this - no RSI for me now :wink:

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Fixed for you @sarapeacock but obviously not for me. However I’m following all categories anyway so that’s nothign wrong with finding myself in “Other Languages” one. Might be some idea grows in the mean time to post something though. :slight_smile:

Aha, I’ve cruised around once again and now I know why it does for me. When I click “Learn” I always find myself on “Cornish” site for who knows what reason so understandably, if I forget where I actually am, and click “Forum” it takes me to “Other languages” one what is perfectly reliable and fine according to where I was on the learn site.

So, no bugs actually obviously.

This is exactly how it works for me, too. No idea why it chooses Cornish (I’ve only been learning Welsh) but it does so reliably.

Yes. However from Cornish site to “Other Languages” forum when you click “Forum” it’s just perfectly fine as it should be it’s just question why the site chooses Cornish in the first place (for me and you for example). It’s true I’ve listened to a bit of Lesson 1 of Cornish as I was curious how it sounds and the site probably was so happy I took a look it rememberred this action of miene for eternity. :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m not complaining here. A click more and I’m where l want to be (have no problems with that) I’m just sharing what I’m noticing, that’s all.

Who knows, maybe “Cornish” is inviting me … (but Cymraeg is hare enough for me for the time being).

Yeah you shud definitely give it a go moi luvver!
(Don’t worry, I’m not getting “fresh” … that’s normal everyday language in Cornwall, so I believe…)

(p.s. In case you should doubt my word … )


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Shame on me now, but, to be honest, until I came here on SSi I didn’t know Cornish exists and even less how it sounds so my curiousity just brought me on Cornish site to listen. I don’t know why, but I was a bit surprised how it sounds. :slight_smile:

Actually, the Cornish thing happens to me too! :sunny:

Ifan knows about this, but he also knows I haven’t got very frustrated about it… yet:wink:

So have’t got I either … Just when something doesn’t work properly for me (The things shown on Welsh site or something like that don’t appear) then I become aware I’m in the wrong area …:slight_smile:

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