Is learning Welsh a waste of time?

My wife and I speak Spanish in public and sometimes about people around us. Restaurants pubs etc (Please don’t judge we all do it lol)
This cant always be a ‘safe’ language in big cities, Cardiff or certainly London!
When we speak Welsh in a city like London its like an amazing super code that nobody can decipher plus Welsh sounds bad-ass!
If you can communicate and connect with even one person in a language then it certainly isn’t useless.


Welsh actually isn’t as secure a code as you might think. Some years ago my husband and I were on holiday in London and realised that the people on the neighbouring table at breakfast were speaking in Welsh. They probably thought that their conversation was totally secure! Not that they said anything rude about the people around them. I’ve also overheard a family speaking Welsh at Manchester airport.


Interesting! I have been known to speak WelSpañol too haha
T’n gweld y dyn yno wel… el esta mirando aqui!

Yes I can vouch for Welsh not being a ‘secure code’. My wife and I have been learning Welsh and have used certain Welsh words to avoid using the English words that ‘trigger’ our dog. Walking, cheese and biscuit comes to mind. However being a rather bright Bichon Frise, he’s now picked up the Welsh words ! Now when we say them he cocks his head on the side and then starts kicking off :rofl:



Your comment about whether or not learning Welsh is a waste of time is so inspirational. I am welsh by birth but brought up in an English speaking home, but with a small understanding of welsh when my Nain came to visit. Now in retirement and needing a challenge during lockdown, I began an on-line welsh language course, and have just completed my second year. There are days when I wonder - is it worth it? especially when I hear negative comments about the language. However, I have registered for my third year (Intermediate) with a determination that Yes, it is worth it. I shall continue with my SSiW, though I need to be more disciplined to practice on a daily basis. I feel more a sense of belonging in my own country now and a desire to go and speak with other welsh speakers. Thank you for your positivity and enthusiasm for this delightful rich language. Diolch yn fawr


Bottom line is, people can do whatever they want and should do what makes them happy.

It’s nothing to do with anyone else. Especially someone with the attitude of Dic Siôn Dafydd here.

My view is anyone who lives here should speak it and for those of this soil there should be burning desire to pass it on with encouragement.

Absolutely, you should keep going. Bydd yr iaith Gymraeg yn fyw.