Is a level 4 in the pipeline?

Hi over the last year I’ve worked through levels 1 to 3 , and also been attending the Liverpool meet ups in Capel Bethal on Mondays . I’m really pleased with my progress and at every opportunity put my welsh in practice , so I’d like to say bigThank you to SSiW :hibiscus:
What I’d like to know is , are you planning to do a Level 4 ? ’

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Not as such, but we are going to overflow from Level 3 - not sure how many lessons yet, but probably less than 25 - so it’s going to be Level 3+ rather than Level 4… :wink:


Ok thanks

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What’s the difference between 3+ and 4?

I think Aran simply means that there’s not (yet) a full-blooded Level 4 planned with 25 lessons, but that there will be a number of lessons on offer to continue on from Level 3…


Oh ok, thank you. So level 4 would be more difficult to learn. I suppose that must be true of the other levels, that they are progressively more difficult. It’s just that they don’t feel it. Actually going through them from scratch with no previous knowledge of the language, level 3 feels no more difficult to me than level 1 did at the time.

No, no, not at all… :slight_smile: The methodology never gets more difficult - you’re just selecting from a wider body of language, so the further you go, the more ‘ooh, which one are they using?’ becomes a factor - but otherwise, it never gets inherently more difficult.

As Alan says, 3+ is just about giving the signal that it’s unlikely to be a full extra 25 challenges - so not enough to make up a full Level 4… :slight_smile:

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Oh I get that now. Thanks Aran.

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Any more info on level 3+/4?

Sorry - very heavily snowed under so far this year. Might be possible to move on a little with this towards the end of the year, but that’s very much a ‘fingers crossed’ scenario…