Ireland v Cymru

Wwww! I had the feeling this game wasn’t going to go well for Cymru but what a great performance: 10 -16 Cymru. It wasn’t a friendly but a proper game. :clap:


Yup! I’ve enjoyed despite behind the computer. It was much, much better then previous one and with “old” ones who are still the best no matter what one thinks (obviously according to previous game). :slight_smile:

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A bit patchy when they had the ball, but since they’ve barely had a skills session yet, that’s probably to be expected. Their conditioning certainly looked promising, and their defence was good most of the time, although they were lucky to get away with the win at the end (and with better use of the ball, they wouldn’t have needed to sweat the last few minutes).

But certainly encouraging to see them look like the better team for most of the match against the world #2 side on their own patch, in O’Connell’s last home game.

Surprised not to see Eli Walker getting more game time. Cuthbert looks no better than he has been for Cardiff for the last year - a long way off his best, and always a bit of a defensive liability. Looks as though Hallam Amos is next in line, and he’s still a bit raw - but I hope we don’t start Cuthbert in the big pool games just on the hope that he comes good…

I’m very glad I don’t have to make a decision about Tipuric. I can’t imagine leaving him out, but I can’t for the life of me see whose place he takes either.

Looks like Tom Francis is our best bet as back-up tighthead, even if he hasn’t quite got the legs for 80 minutes yet. Still wish we had Adam there.

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Hello yes good to see Wales win their game as the world cup looms closer It will be a great sight to witness not long now and we will be into it.


Dinas, Ireland were after settling a few scores following the Six Nations Game, and didn’t come anywhere near…you have to give it to Gatland, when it really counts, he’s there…long shot for the Chair at next year’s Eisteddfod I reckon