iOs app issues

I’m having problems downloading the Say something in Spanish app from iTunes!

The download icon just keeps spinning forever, is there an issue with this at the moment, or is there some other way I can get the lessons downloaded to my iPhone?

Sorry to hear that - I’m tagging @lewie to see if he has any thoughts on this - worst case scenario, if you use your phone’s browser you can just go direct to the website… :slight_smile:

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I would guess a temporary problem. I just tried it and had no problem with downloading. But, let us know if the problem persists.

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Hi there, thanks for your replys.
Yes, I think it was a problem at my end!!
Can you tell me if this is a free app?
When I move through the download process, I’m asked to log onto my iTunes account and enter my credit card details?
Any advice much appreciated.
Cheers, Billy

@David-Davies So good to hear you may be getting the Spanish (not)flu, too, and good to share plans with you involving @Deborah-SSi perhaps in the ymarfer-sgwennu channel style, yn y Gymraeg, wrth gwrs! That was a long car trip for us both, even longer for you, David, so Dee won’t have to worry - we were “brainstorming**” what we’d like to see. Diolch am y lifft, a longyfarchiadau am dy diddordeb newydd yn y Sbaeneg, David. Lorna (wedi blino rwan - sut wyt ti?)

**no offence meant to anyone

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Hi Billy - can’t remember off the top of my head what’s outside/inside the paywall on Spanish - I would imagine it’s just the first 5 sessions that are free, so if you’re having problems with them, it might be a hiccup…

You’re welcome @lornarhodes. Yes it was interesting to discuss your thoughts on learning more than 1 language at the same time. I’m definitely interested in starting the Spanish 6 month course sometime later this year, just need to be sure I’m still making enough time for Welsh.

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