iOS app can't access some listening exercises

Hi there, I have the iOS app on my iPad to learn Welsh (Northern course) with the levels.

I can download the first two listening exercises (for challenges 1-5 and 6-10), but not the next three ones.

I’ve tried it from both from the Choose screen and the individual listening exercise.

Long-pressing the exercise on the Choose screen and choosing Download causes “0%” to appear briefly and then disappear.

Opening the exercise and tapping on the round “cloud with arrow” button causes it to turn white briefly and then red again; there’s a popup saying “Unable to download audio - Please try again later. [OK]”.

Again, this is Welsh, North, Level 1, listening practices 3,4,5 for challenges 11-15,16-20,21-25. Same behaviour for all of them.


Is this perhaps something to do with file naming conventions? If I go to on a web browser on my PC, I can download a file called C1WelshListen03n.mp3, while a few months ago, I had downloaded a file called C1WelshListen03.mp3 (no “n” after the number). @aran?


@philipnewton I’m using the latest beta version of the app and it is behaving exactly the same way.

I’m guessing @lewie will want to know what version of the app you are using. You can find that by going into Settings and then SaySomethingInWelsh; at the bottom it says About and you will see the version number.


I suspect I have the latest release version - I usually update my apps at least once a week or so.

Thanks for telling me how to get to the exact version number, @AnnaC!
That tells me that I have Version “2.6 (29)”.


Apparently that’s my bad. Those files were updated recently, and I thought I’d sync’d everything up, but apparently not. Diolch yn fawr for spotting that!


Lovely, thanks! That seems to have done the trick - I’ve got them all three downloaded in the app now, for later.


Great work here, everyone - from find to confirm to fix in a matter of hours - diolch yn fawr iawn! :star: :star2:


I thought I will add my problem here. I have the iOS app on my iPhone and I am subscribed so I should be able to access level 2. Via browser on my PC no problem, but on the iOS app there are several issues.
First the app asks me to subscribe although I already am so I click no thanks and try to load the lesson and after restarting the app several times and logging out and in again it loads, but after 5 minutes of listening the app crashes sometimes and again I have a huge struggle to get it to load again. Is there any way to fix it?

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Hi @Cookie

Yes there is I think - the streaming on the App in the new version seems to struggle at times - and the issues you mentioned such as being asked to subscribe are known symptoms of this.

You can solve it by downloading the lesson you are working on. You can do this by holding your finger on the challenge until a pop up menu appears offering a download. See the image below. You can also remove them in the same way.

Rich :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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