Introductory Course 1 Vocabulary Unit 5 Please clarify a joining word

When Aran asks for a translation of:

“Your name isn’t easy to remember”

The answer is returned as:

“Dydy dy enw di ddim yn hawdd (something) cofio”
The "something sounds as though it could be ew, e’w, i’w, yw or something similar.
None of the above seem to make sense Why is it not simply “i”?
(Or am I simply mishearing?)
Gerald Murphy

S’mae Gerald,

It is probably i’w, which is a contraction of i ei:

Dydy dy enw di ddim yn hawdd i’w gofio - (literally) Your name is not easy to remember it



Yup, Stu’s on the money here - but you’re completely fine if you go with ‘hawdd i gofio’ - only a particularly careful purist with unusually good ears would even notice the difference…:slight_smile:

[In fact, it’s very impressive that you picked up on the tiny difference in sound, and shows that you’re doing an excellent job of getting accustomed to Welsh sounds :seren:]

Thank you Stu and Aran. I’m relieved that the answer is so simple. I’d never have worked out the contraction angle.
Diolch yn fawr ac hwyl am y tro.

Croeso Gerald :slight_smile: