International newsletter by learners and for learners

Hello everyone,

I was looking at Llais y Derwent and not only was I impressed at what has been created but it also got me thinking. Why not create something similar but by and for learners around the world. I’m thinking of something like Courier International, but simpler and in Welsh. For those of you who don’t know it Courier International is a weekly French newspaper which contains translations of articles from news papers around the world, usually based around a particular topic depending on what’s happening.

The purpose would be to give learners a chance practice reading and writing (when they may not have many opportunities) while getting to learn a bit about what is happening around the world from the people who are living there.

Would this interest anyone? Would anyone like to work on this with me?


Definitely interested!

Happy to hear Louis, I’ll ping you to see how we can make a start


And me!

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Great Dee! I’ll ping you later about getting started