Interesting tool for group video chats - no account needed

Just used this for the first time today, and it was excellent:

You just go there, think of a name for a room, hit create new room and then share that link with the other people you want on the call - up to 8 for free, or 12 if you have a paid account.

Could be a great alternative to Skype, and the quality seemed better to me (it’s peer-to-peer, which I understand Skype isn’t any more).

So you could set up a room and then post in here to see if anyone fancied a chat - easy as pie…


That’s brilliant, I may use that from time to time. :blush:

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Will it work for just audio, if people don’t want to use video?

They say they have a disable video button:


I hate to add to your ‘to do’ list @aran, but perhaps this could be set up and used at the party for those - well up to 8 of those - unable to attend?

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Mmmm… it was kind of an interesting experiment the one time we did that… didn’t flow particularly easily, though… I could imagine doing something with video again some day, but I think we’d need a slightly clearly idea of what exactly we were trying to achieve…

Does anyone fancy setting up a little ‘Online Chat Club’ or something like that?

Something like a weekly/monthly session?

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