Interesting lecture coming up in Lampeter

There will be a talk in Welsh about the famous author T. Llew Jones held at the university in Llambed on March 17th. If you’re interested but worried your Welsh might not be up to it, there will be simultaneous translation into English. The speaker is Mererid Hopwood!

Darlith Llambed.pdf (543.1 KB)


I remember well the day that T. Llew Jones visited my primary school as a child. I’d just finished reading Cri’r Dylluan about the Rececca Riots. I hooked on to every word he said and quizzed him about the book. I think I might have been the only child who had read that particular book so I felt really special when both of us were ‘discussing’ the Rebecca Riots in a grown-up way. A lovely memory from childhood. I hope many of you can go to the lecture. Mererid Hopwood is also an engaging speaker.


I would definitely go except I’m away at a conference that night :frowning:

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@Deborah-SSi @Mererid - Have just picked up this thread on T. Llew Jones, that would be a great lecture to attend, especially with the simultaneous translation. There was a very good late night Sunday programme on S4C about him a month or two ago. I’m sure he would have been a delightful person to meet. I am currently using a chapter from his collected writings titled “Y Gaseg yn yr Ŷd”, among others, towards my dissertation on Welsh Harvest Customs, and although I will be disagreeing to some extent with his approach, he’s given me plenty to discuss regarding the tradition of the ‘Last Sheaf’. My tutor at Lampeter, Dr Rhiannon Ifans, is the one organising the lecture. Unfortunately, as I live on Ynys Wyth (Isle of Wight), it’s a bit too far to be popping back & forth for individual lectures!!