Interest in a new group Kidderminster

I have had a look at the map, and can see that there are no groups near me.
So I thought I’d test the water and see if there are any members who would be interested in joining a group based in Kidderminster.
I can see there are members in the surrounding areas and Kidderminster could be a good central area to meet up.

If I get enough interest I would be happy to start a group.
Admins are you able to pass the word to local members directly? Especially ones who don’t come on very often perhaps via an email?

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I’m curious where you would plan to have group only because I’m from Kidderminster originally.

Would depend on numbers. If there is only one or two of us I could do a catch up In my house and I’d run a bit of a coffee morning. If more then there’s a cafe I use regularly cosy coffee at the top of town who I think would be quite accommodating.

I’ll put this in the email at the start of next week and see if we can drum up any interest there… :slight_smile:

Nodyn #ebostwythnosol

Well that wasn’t there when I lived there. Although I’ve lived in Wales eight years now. I was trying to think what was there before the cafe but can’t remember

It was a cheque centre and tailors

Ok so I’ve spoken to the owners of the cafe and they are happy for us to meet there and they have an 8 seater table we can use.

Also I’ve created a new Facebook group.
It’s called Welsh language in the West Midlands
It’s aim to encourage Welsh learners to meet and use their language skills and to promote Welsh language meetings.
Please spread the word and any groups that meet in the area if they pass me the meeting details I’ll advertise it on the group.

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I work in Worcester, so if the time is convenient for me I’d be interested in this. Cheers

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Well time is yet to be arranged so what would be your preference?
Plus I work shifts so it is possibly going to be a rolling time and day. Also how often would you want to meet?
Weekly? Fortnightly?

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