Infrequent 'weekly' emails until end of July

My apologies to those of you expecting the usual weekly email today. I have my parents visiting from Australia at the moment so I’m working during the week and playing tour guide the rest of the time - a bit too busy for compiling the email.

I will definitely fit another one in before I go on holiday next month, but if anyone spots anything that really needs to be in the email, please send me a heads up.

Enjoy the “break?” with your parents, Dee. You deserve it :slight_smile:

Ahh, weekly emails - I received a mail on 12th May saying to click the link to receive weekly emails but I’m pretty sure I haven’t actually received any. Have clicked the link again so maybe it will work now but the link just takes me to the SSiW home page - is that what’s supposed to happen?

Sorry, it’s probably not a great time to ask about this - no hurry for a response just wanted to let you know. I am probably pretty up to date anyway by being on the forum and I know how long it takes to compile emails and keep mailing lists from doing them myself. I might take a leaf out of your book and decide not to commit myself to them for a while too :slight_smile:

All the best :slight_smile:

That sounds like a broken link in the middle of all our moving around - but checking the email list, you’re definitely on it - so you may be suffering from an overly enthusiastic spam filter - if you add to your whitelist, you should start seeing emails from Dee again…:smile:

Thanks Aran, will try that. I do check my spam but could have missed something :slight_smile:

I definitely, definitely can see your email address on the list - it’s showing you as having subscribed on the 12th of May - so it ought to be leaving our server properly! With most email clients, if you add our mailing address to your address book, it all works out okay…:smile:

Yes, I couldn’t find a way to add it to any kind of ‘trusted list’ but have put it on my contacts list now so hopefully all good :slight_smile:


I’ll try to remember to post on here the next time an email goes out…:smile: