Indoor activity in the Brecon area?

This weekend, I’m treating my wife to dinner & overnight stay in Abergavenny for her birthday (shhhh! It’s a surprise!)

Plan A was to go for a nice walk somewhere on the way to the hotel - there are plenty of nice walks in the area and we have the relevant OS map already.

But this is Wales, and I think I need to have a contingency plan (because walking miles in the pouring rain is not many people’s idea of a birthday treat). Can anybody recommend anything fun/interesting to do indoors in/around Abergavenny, or anywhere on the route from Cardiff (e.g. Brecon)? I did think about the Penderyn Distillery, but then that’s more of a treat for me - which is missing the point.

Suggestions gratefully received!

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Does she like history? A visit to the Big Pit is super-interesting for history geeks. There’s a down-the-mine tour, and (at the top of the hill) a really well-done set of displays in the old shower building. (At least, there was when I visited in 2009.)


Thanks, Diane. I’m not super keen on underground but if she’d like to go I’d take a deep breath and deal with it. I’ll put it on the list - thanks.

I thought you were going to say:


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I can tell you’ve met me, Aran.