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OK, I’m going to be a little bit cheeky and take advantage of this forum and all you wonderful people…

As some of you may know, my sister in law, Olwen, passed away on the 27th of December last year. Olwen was 46 and had been diagnosed with cancer only 4 weeks previous to her leaving us. She was unlucky to have a particularly aggressive cancer which didn’t respond to treatment at all. Losing her has been such a devastating shock, especially for my brother and their two young daughters, only three and six years old.

Olwen was a very compassionate woman, quiet, gentle and kind.

Olwen was passionate about the Welsh language and particularly about Welsh literature and poetry. She had been a valued member of staff at Ty Newydd, the national writers’ centre of Wales in Llanystumdwy, for 11 years, and there she did valuable work in encouraging and promoting young and new writers. She was known widely amongst writing circles as ‘the smile of Ty Newydd’.

Many poets from across Wales, Gillian Clarke and Aneirin Karadog included, have written poems in memory of Olwen, as lasting tributes for a wonderful woman, and there are further plans for a more permanent memorial at Ty Newydd itself.

But we, her sisters in law, sisters and close friends have also been wanting to do something in her memory. Therefore we are taking part in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life in Caernarfon (where Olwen lived) on May the 31st this year. We have chosen the 5k race so that our daughter Angharad and Olwen’s eldest, Rhiannon (both 6) can take part as well - it will be a fitting tribute and a fun day.

We have set up a Just Giving page and are asking kindly for any donations towards this very worthy cause, no matter how small. I thank you very much in advance - this means a lot to me.

Diolch yn fawr iawn…


Diolch, diolch, diolch, diolch, diolch, for your donations! :slight_smile:

Heartfelt thanks for your hugely moving generosity - diolch o waelod calon. :heartbeat:

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Leave the page opened even after event @CatrinLliarJones, please I decided I’ll be there once every month as long as page is opened.

Thank you.


Wow! Diolch yn fawr iawn, iawn! :heart::heart::heart:

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This is the least I can do.

Pob lwc! :slight_smile: A diolch i Chi! :sunny:

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If you have a mobile phone contract, you can also donate to our Cancer Research fund by text message. Just text OLWE77 followed by the amount (£?) to 70070 - simples! Diolch yn fawr iawn in advance!

Donated! This is a great cause.


You are a star, thank you so much David. XXXXX

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More donations! Thank you all SO much! XxxX

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@CatrinLliarJones where are some of your pictures gone on your JustGiving page?

Just in case you’d like to correct the thing. :slight_smile:

Pictures are back and page looks perfectly fine.

Thank you SO much for your continuing generosity. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Really sorry to read this sad news. Many years ago when I was a teenager my uncle died aged 49 from stomach cancer. It was so fast and such a shock. Now I am older than he was, and my dear auntie is in her seventies but we think of Tony often, he was such a lovely, lovely man. It is shocking to lose someone too young, you are in my thoughts.


I’m so sorry, Ruth. Losing someone so young so quickly is such a shock and leaves one questioning so many things about life.

I still can’t believe Olwen has gone. I read her text messages as if she was still here. This summer was to be the first we were all going to go on holiday together - Aran, myself and the kids and my brother, Olwen and their girls…I still feel quite devastated by her passing.

Sending you a big Welsh cwtsh. XXX


As I’ve said - every month until the page is opened. The longer you keep in “alive” the longer I’ll keep donating in memory of Your sester in law and all who passed away from cancer including my both parents mother at age 57 and father at age 64 what also isn’t so high age though.



And a big cwtsh right back Catrin. Take care xx


@tatjana and @4Ruth you are both a trysor. XXX


Thank you, however, I’m just one person of many who is willing to help and nothing more. My measures for being tresor (this is the word, yes?) when this word is directed to me being such, are much higher then that.

Me being a treasure I’d have to do much more then that …

I’m really sorry I’ve got this message today …

But, you did a superb job!

Thank you for letting me being part of it and if only online. :slight_smile: