I'm back learning again

Dw’n yn ôl ! A dw’n dysgu Cymraeg eto(again). Dw’n listen i Alan a Catrin this time. Nes i dysgu yn mis or so. I got the old Rosetta Stone out too. My previous failures are nothing to do with this course but just my own inability to retain anything in my head.
I decided to go with the Northern course this time as it’s slower lol, and I think maybe North is better for me as it has less abbreviated speech and closer to the little bits of Welsh I read here and there… maybe.
I was most of the day just going through all the green labels on the forum. You guys are very active for a new forum. The layout looks unique, (fair play to Alan and Ifan), I’ve never seen anything like it before. But it looks lovely even if a bit confusing.
I LOVE the new layout of the Course pages. Easy to find the lessons, and just looks really tidy.

Croeso yn ôl Bríd and Llongyfarchiadau on your return. I hope you enjoy your restart and that you are able to make satisfying progress.

Thank you for your commitment and positive feedback, it’s good to have you around again! :slight_smile:

Croeso yn ôl :slight_smile:

I’ll be very interested in hearing more about how you find the northern version, I’m doing south but been contemplating just what you are saying recently.

Pob lwc

Hi Guys,
Not sure about the speed of the northern course as I am doing the southern one.
However, if you think North Welsh is slower or less abbreviated than South Welsh, you might be in for a surprise :wink:
My ffrindiaith is originally from Bala, he speaks like a machine gun ! and if he has been home to visit his folks, it’s like a very big machine gun ! Even the abbreviations are abbreviated !

We get together for 1/2 day every couple of weeks and it usually takes a couple of hours before 1. My ears get accustomed to the onslaught 2. He’s notices my confused looks so repeats 3. I’ve asked him to slow down so many times he does !

I’m working on the principal that if I can understand everything he says at full pelt - I can understand anyone :wink:


diolch yn fawr !

I only meant that Aran and Catrin speak a little slower. I don’t know about Northerners in general. :slight_smile:

I’ve made my new commitment public now so I can’t give up again.