Idea dump: how to get more learners to succeed?

Diolch, Warren - that’s a really comprehensive set of points, and I hugely appreciate you taking the time to go into such detail. I’m sure we can get some of those things done - maybe starting with Google Analytics so that we’ve got a clearer picture of what’s happening at the moment… :slight_smile:

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SSiW is recommended by a couple of sites that come higher in the search than SSiW itself, but I found it via word of mouth a few years ago. I have no idea how the friend found it originally.


Yes, SSiW was on page 5 of Google results for me too. Have clicked through in case it helps. Hope you can do some tweaks to push it up the rankings a bit.

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I may regret admitting this but I find myself temporarily covering a digital marketing class at work with a unit on SEO and now know more about it than I really wish to.

@aran D 'you want me to have a go at working those rankings? It may require wording alterations on the site itself.

@warrendavies’s 2, 4, 6 and 7 are important. But be careful with 1 as my understaning is that less weight is now placed on that and I’m given to understand that 9 is actively penalised if Google catch you at it! (bear in mind I’ve learned this stuf fonly recently and in a hurry and Google change their ranking algorithm all the time)

Here’s Google’s own advice on it

Incidentally if there’s an SEO problem it mighgt also be why the Spanish course isn’t getting the traffic you hope for?


Thanks @leiafee, this is a great document :slight_smile:

It’s so easy to do though (not pick the terms, just adding them), it’s probably worth 5 minutes effort to get something in.[quote=“leiafee, post:24, topic:8746”]
9 is actively penalised if Google catch you at it!

Yes I agree. If this route is chosen you shouldn’t be too blazen. Better to have an associated site that actually offers some content or useful info, rather than just a redirect page. Better that way for Google, but also the user.


That would be enormously fantastic - ti’n seren aur pur! - perhaps with the cut-off line that we only do things that are either helpful or neutral to the searcher - so not, I think, one page sites etc… :slight_smile:

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1 is used by Google for categorisation, though the Google algorithms will also check the site content to ensure that you are being honest and punish you for trying to game the system if you are caught stuffing in irrelevant tags. As far as I understand it is used to very little or no extent for ranking purposes.

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[I don’t know why this popped up among “newest” if last post was one year ago, but since it’s here…]

In my Google searches SSiW never appears before page 3 and the preview is not exactly one of the most effective clearest and appealing (in case you may want to check it out):

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A spam post from this morning - now deleted.


Ia, diolch ti boi :slight_smile: