I would like your help with my survey

… a survey that I am conducting as part of my Master’s degree. The survey questions attempt to capture your experiences as an SSiW learner.

The link to the survey is here: https://unesurveys.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6EkgotHhzKBGx7L

No personal information, nor any other information of a private nature will be recorded, and there is an opportunity to provide your consent for the survey before you start the survey.

Information-Sheet-for-Survey-Participants.pdf (113.2 KB)

Thank you very much for your help!


P.S. I’ve uploaded the information sheet for the survey, this is a requirement of my university, the University of New England in Armidale, Australia


Done. Good luck with your course.


Done. I hope you get lots of useful data.


As a SSiW lurker rather than a SSiW learner, I can’t really do the survey for you but just wanted to say all the best with your masters degree :slight_smile:

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Done and even with an effort not to mention Datblygu to make it more anonymous. :rofl:
Good luck with your degree!



Done. Pob lwc!

Rich :slight_smile:

Done but some of the questions are about the present and I don’t really use the lessons anymore. I have made appropriate comments in the spaces provided though.

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I also had that problem so commented in the boxes provided. Also I have never used Memrise and only looked at Duolingo to help trial it during beta testing, yet I couldn’t proceed without giving them a rating. I have no idea whether Memrise is any good or not.


Done. Just one problem- it asked how effective some things were that I’ve not used in one of the last questions, and wouldnt move on if i didn’t check the boxes e.g. Youtube. So i marked them 1, but that just means I haven’t used then, not that they were ineffective.

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Memrise is just about learning vocabulary. However, with Welsh (I think it may be different with major languages) it relies on individuals putting up their vocabulary so there are a few mis-spellings and, with some words, I just don’t know if anyone actually uses them. There are lots that have been put up by individuals for Welsh covering just a few words and others with more than a thousand in them. I am currently using Cwrs Uwch (Gogledd) as it feels more ‘official’ even though I prefer Southern Welsh. I now use the paid for version so can remove words (that might still be possible with the free version). I think it is worth a look, it is basically flash cards and repetition. I use it on my phone and like it but not sure how many new words I learn, it certainly helps with old words that I know but may struggle to always remember.

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I did the same thing.

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That is, I ranked 1 for activities that I had no experience with because the survey would not move on without a a response and N/A was not an option. BTW, my daughter went to UNE here in Maine - USA. Not related to your UNE and not anywhere close to as large but still the same name and same acronym. Go Nor’easters!

I had done the same too (although I hadn’t written my notes just to Louis and not here on the Forum).
At least looks like many of us have been consistent in using the same “trick” (@Richard_R) ! :laughing:

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I think I did look at Memrise years ago but decided that the Welsh vocabulary lists weren’t always to be trusted. Besides, as I was usually attending a face-to-face classe, I could always ask the tutor. Words are often regional, so it was good to have a local native speaker explain what she would use.

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Thank you Emma - I am about to amend the question you mentioned - but marking options you haven’t used as 1 is fine in the meantime.

Thank you for taking part!

Thank you Richard - a ranking of 1 is fine, but I will amend that question to allow for N/A responses.
Many thanks for taking the time to respond.

The local brewery here does a wonderful and hazy Minutemen New England IPA, and that is a reference to ‘your’ New England - the brewer spent some time there

Thank you both for your responses - and your comments, much appreciated!

Done. The only issue I had was that I expect responses would be different for learners in Wales compared to international learners and there was no question on this. Hopefully responses from Wales are fine?


Done. Pob lwc

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I can’t make a selection from the options in how I listen. The previous question has been answered.