I want to set up a meet up in Bournemouth

Hello I am based in Bournemouth, Dorset and would like to set up a group in Bournemouth to cover Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Is anybody interested? Is it possible this could be mentioned on the mailing emails>

best wishes,

I’m sure it will be - I’m just going to tag @Deborah-SSi in here to help her notice it! :sunny:

Sounds like a great idea, good luck with it!

thanks Aran, she can have my email address and mobile number too so potential people can get in touch if they want.

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Hi Michael,
I’ve included it in the email for this week and pointed people to this thread so hopefully you’ll get some responses soon.

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thanks very much. when i have definite dates. can i send you my email address and mobile number so if anyone wants to come they can get in touch? i’m planning on just setting dates up, turning up and seeing what happens.

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Fingers crossed! We usually just use the contact methods through the forum rather than put personal email addresses in the email, so once you get something regular sorted then I’ll add your meetup to the list and give your forum name as the contact. Then people can either post in this thread, or send you a PM to get information. Hope you get a good response!

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thanks dee, much appreciated.

Hi Michael,
I live in Romsey during the week so I am interested in doing something local. I had wondered about doing what you have done for the Southampton area. If the venue you have in mind is not too far away from me then I would be able to meet up during the week. I am not in the area on weekends.
Hwyl Fawr

Should have given you a contact - 07801 348151

I’m in Bournemouth. Would like a group meet. I have not got too far through the course so hope that does not matter. Any time ok for me.

thanks mike, i’ll keep you posted

thanks mark, keep you posted

Hi Michael,
I’m in Wool and would like details of your meetings when you have them. One fly in the ointment though, I’m not a good student when alone and I gave up doing lessons some time ago, so I’d have to start again from scratch. Is that OK with you? Also I work early shifts one week and late shifts the next, which can get tiresome.
I think a group is just what I need, I hope I can contribute something in return, JJ

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Shwmae! I’ve only just seen this so hope I’m not too late! I live in Andover and would love to join a group. My lessons have lapsed recently, so a group would be just what I need! Carys

Diolch Carys, i’ll keep you posted.

Hi Michael, weekends are better, preferably Sundays as I work Monday to Friday, although Monday or Tuesday evenings would be fine as long as I have time to get to Bournemouth from Andover!

Hi Michael,
Here’s a list of all the dates I’m currently free in January : 9, 10,11,12,13,21, 22, 30 and 31st. JJ.