"i ti" -- as in Dw i isio i ti siarad

Because it would open up a wealth of possible sentences to know the answer, whether yea or nay…

I can’t tell from ‘siarad,’ as it doesn’t soften, but does the “i ti” cause a soft mutation in verbs like mynd, dweud, cofio, gwybod, etc :question:


It does indeed.

Dw i isio i ti fynd, for example - “I want you to go”.


I had a hunch it might, but it’s good to know for certain. It increases greatly what I’m able to say. :grin:

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You can say it without the mutation and still be understood. Great that you noticed it, but don’t beat yourself up about it when the mutation fails to appear. Few mamiaith speakers do. (Worry, that is)