I phone download


I am very much a newbie to thus.

Every time I use SSIW on my iphone I click the download button so I can easily stop n start the recording if I need to

Is there some place on my phone where all of these are being saved? It seems odd to be “downloading” the same thing multiple times.

Any ideas, anyone?

Are you using the website using a browser on your phone, or are you using the SaySomethingInWelsh app for the iPhone?


Welcome to the forum, Susan! :slight_smile: And yes, as Philip said, are you using the app or just navigating to the site on your iphone? :slight_smile:

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Hi. Just on line.
Didn’t realise there was an app


I find some things hard on the app, mainly on the Forum. Things like copying a bit of post to quote, the this[quote=“susanwilde, post:4, topic:9954”]
Just on line.

But it’s fine for Challenges if yuo get the sound set right!
Croeso, Welcome to the Forum. I use an iPad sometimes and a laptop others. Copy and paste, I save for the laptop!

I’m not an iPhone user, but I would imagine that there is a setting somewhere than can make sure you’re downloading rather than streaming - and then some kind of a file system that would let you find them again - maybe @lewie could give us some insight… :slight_smile:

You’d expect there to be a file system, but I don’t know where to look!

I will try the app

Seems I’ve been doing the old programme.
Since I’ve scarcely got secure in Lesson 2 I think I should change to the newer one anyway.

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The iPhone app is great, much easier than trying to use the website on a phone. Give a shout if you need any help with it :slight_smile:


Shwmae Susan, a chroeso i’r fforwm!

If you haven’t already done so, the app is free from the App Store - search for SaySomethinginWelsh and it should appear at the top of the list. Then you can download the lessons you need and they stay on your iPhone! Also you will have access to the forum and challenge notes all in one place!

Good luck with the course!
Gav :slight_smile:


You can’t look at the SSiW Map, but I think all else is available! If you do not have arthritic fingers that will help!

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Thanks guys.
I have got the app now.



I’m using the app and downloading on my iPhone but I have no idea where the files are stored in my phone to go find them. They are not in the settings>SSiW> just basic info about the app but no files listed.
I also have it on my laptop and that downloads into files like normal. Easy to find.
Anyway it works fine on my iPhone to go back and listen. I just can’t find the file path if where they are stored.

Can any of our iPhone users help with this? @lewie? :slight_smile:

The iPhone is designed so files are not generally on display in the same way as they are on a laptop. Unless you use a laptop to go ‘behind the scenes’ of your iPhone, it is unlikely you will find where exactly these files are stored, as they are hidden from public view.

To find what challenges you have stored on your iPhone, you go into the app itself. In the levels menu, there is a list of available challenges. If the challenge is light grey, it means the challenge hasn’t been downloaded, or the file is not stored on your iPhone. If it is dark grey, the challenge has been downloaded and is stored on your iPhone.

If you are looking to delete used files you don’t need, through the app in the Levels menu, you just touch and hold the challenge you want to delete, when prompted, touch ‘Delete’ and the file is removed from your iPhone and the challenge turns light grey.

If you’re just interested in how the files are stored, the best person to speak to is the app’s developer @lewie . But to be fair, the files themselves will have no user usability other than on the SSiW app and may damage your device if tampered with improperly, hence why they are hidden from the user.

I hope this helps
Gav :slight_smile:


Great insight - diolch, Gav! :star: :star2:

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So, my question would be: what are you wanting to do with the files?

I can imagine a few things:

  • to be able to delete them (Gav pointed out how to manage this)
  • to be able to use them with another app
  • to be able to send them somewhere else (to your PC, etc)

Do any of these match - or do you have something else in mind?


My original question was not about the app.

However, it doesn’t matter now, as I have installed the app for future use

It was just that I used to open and use the same lesson multiple times and in the website version it kept saying tap to download. It seemed mad to keep downloading the same thing.
I guess I’d still like to delete them if there are multiple copies somewhere in my phone, but in future it wont happen.