I miss you guys!


Boy howdy do I have some updates! Apparently I’m really good at disappearing for long amounts of time and randomly popping up here again. Sorry! I miss talking to all of you and spying on your conversations.

Some highlights in my Welsh-learning life lately have been:

  1. attending Cwrs Cymraeg 2015 in July last year when Cymdeithas Madog brought it to my city. THAT…was amazing. By the end of the week, I wasn’t able to speak much Welsh anymore because my brain was fried and (for some reason) wouldn’t let me, but my comprehension shot through the roof! I think even by the very end, when I was tired and couldn’t force a single Welsh word out of my mouth no matter how hard I tried, I was sitting at about 85-90% comprehension when the tutors were speaking Welsh around me. It felt amazing! I picked up so much vocabulary and I’m still learning more all the time.
  2. I won the Eisteddfod at Cwrs for my level! AAAH!!
  3. I started dating someone I met at Cwrs who was in a higher level than me (she’s REALLY GOOD), and now I get to practice writing/speaking the language everyday with someone I love, and we’re learning more together. Slowly, mind, but surely. Awesome.
  4. I’ve bought my first novel in Welsh and am picking my way through it! I’ve read a few children’s books in very basic language and felt very accomplished by the end, but now I’m tackling Y Gwrachod (The Witches) by Roald Dahl and loving every minute of it…even if I have to stop a few times to look up words I don’t know.

So those are my updates. I’ve been plugging along with my SSiW lessons and savoring every bit of new language I learn, and I’m so excited to be making so much more progress.



Croeso nôl!

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Oh, I like the cat-dragon in your photo. If it is a cat-dragon. Actually, I don’t care whether it is or not, I shall continue to think of it as a cat-dragon, for there should be more of those things in this world.


Whoo-hoo! Lovely to see you again - croeso nôl… :sunny:

And that sounds as though you’ve been doing extremely well - llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn! And what a perfect ‘cute meet’ - it should transform the entire process for both of you :star: :star2: