I had my first conversation today!

I stuttered a lot and had to correct myself, and my speaking partner had to slow down and use simple words to help me along, but I did it! I made myself understood!

It helped that I’d sort of been thrown headfirst into a conversation without a chance to think about it, otherwise I probably would have had a meltdown from anxiety. But I’m really proud of myself for managing to string words together to form sentences, even if they were very short.


Well done!! Loads of positives in there and definitely no negatives! The stuttering, slowing down and correcting yourself is all perfectly natural and part of the process (so positive) :slight_smile:

Llongyfarchiadau!! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Way to go! :wink: :clap:
When you dare saying something for the first time, no matter how messy it turns out to be…it changes everything, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

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With no chance to prepare some sort of speech, and having come out of it with flying colours, you’re set to go next time!!
Nice work - enjoy!


I wouldn’t say flying colors, but thank you!

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What a FANTASTIC result - huge, HUGE congratulations - that is the most important step of all… :star: :star2: