I had better go

Can someone confirm that the general pattern is:
Well i fi fynd - I had better go. Well iddo fe fynd - He had better go etc.
I’m sure I read that you can also use the future endings but in the present.
Gwella i fynd - I had better go etc.
However I now can’t find this anywhere and a Welsh speaker suggested this is not a recognised pattern.
Any views? Thanks.


Yes the first bit is spot on :slight_smile:

You’ll also see/hear well imi.

I’ve not heard gwella for this context (doesn’t mean it’s not right, just my experience). Wella to me is improving.


Mmmm… that doesn’t sound promising to me… :wink:

No, definitely not very promising at all. :wink:

Also note:

Well i mi fynd - I’d better go


Well gen i fynd - I’d rather go