Hywel - Progress reports

Just gone Gog for a couple of weeks with the new Course 2. I’m happily surprised that I’m retaining nearly all the Gog/Hwntw translations in my memory but I just can’t seem to make Efo stick.

Any thoughts?

The purifying process can sometimes take a little time…:wink:


Ah, Evo Stik. Is that stuff still around?
Feeling quite nostalgic now…

On a more related note, it’s nice to hear that you’re not finding the switch too difficult. I’ve stayed true to my roots and started with the Southern course, but have recently realised that I’m surrounded by people who speak Gog(ish. I think. I haven’t actually spoken to any of them if I’m honest. I’ll pluck up the courage any day now.)


Shwmae Hywel.
Gobeithio ti’n iawn.

I seem to remember that the phrase “efo chdi” features in the intro song / music for Level 1. Might help to remember it. (That song might also become a bit of an “earworm” … :slight_smile: )

Hwyl am y tro,

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