The final series kicks of, this Sunday. Definitely the best Welsh learners programme upto now…(God!!! I even made three appearances; once with Iestyn and I singing.)
It’ll be interesting to see what fills the vacuum in the autumn. I wonder if they’ll be any SSIWers in the final shows…

“4.50 Hwb
A series aimed at Welsh learners with Nia Parry and Matt Johnson. Join them and their guest this week, popular radio presenter, Tommo, for an hour of light hearted learning.”

Final series ever? What a shame! I’ve been enjoying it so much, not just for the language help (which of course is brilliant), but for the introduction to all sorts of Welsh personalities and the suchlike.

I look forward enormously to seeing Nia Parry on our screens again. Do we know how many episodes are in this series? I hope that she takes on another project on S4C soon.

I hope that she takes on another project on S4C soon.

Me too. She has a gift for teaching. I remember her sitting at my table at the parti penblwydd and I could understand everything she said. Not only that, she would read your facial expression and speak more simply if she felt you might be struggling. That requires a huge amount of patience, and she did it all night.

Yeah, and the speech she gave where she spoke really clearly and used a lot of body language to help clue people in. She’s a natural. :slight_smile:

My understanding is that there’ll be a new programme in the autumn instead of Hwb which will be more appropriate for intermediate+ learners - I don’t know any details, but I’d be very surprised if Nia wasn’t involved.

I too hope to see Nia in another program but won’t be too gutted to see the last of Matt, how did he not learn how to speak Welsh after about 4 years, I guess he has too many things going on to be able to dedicate himself to the program. Roll on the Autumn. :wink:

Aren’t I cheery today? :wink:

If Nia is not allowed to continue her inspirational, motivating presence on TV, then I for one shall be diverting my efforts from Welsh to Klingon.

maj. jIyaj. Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!

Falle ddim heddiw, ond os Nia yn gadael ein sgriniau … :frowning:

Gruntius- It always seemed to me like Matt was intentionally acting like a struggling Welsh learner more than actually being one. I could be wrong, but the programme wouldn’t have worked as well if he was speaking Welsh proficiently in it.

Good point Annie, in that case I have a new found respect for his acting skills, he was very convincing indeed. :smiley:

Interesting (and good from my point of view) about what Aran says in terms of an intermediate programme coming up, so looking forward to that. I enjoyed listening to the sections where the learners spoke for a few minutes - I actually found those bits quite inspiring.

I have just watched Hwb Rhaglen 01 on Youtube. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to ploughing through all the rest of the programmes - it seems to be very helpful in terms of vocab supplementation and question asking.