How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud

Where do I post the soundcloud track in the forum?

Go here and click on ‘+New Topic’ and that should do the trick… .:slight_smile:

Also - SoundCloud sufferers! - it’s clearly trickier on more devices than we’d like - and yet the underlying idea is an important one - so - can anyone find a better service for posting short audio clips? :slight_smile:

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Hello, Im really struggling with sound cloud. I wondered if you could help me with where to find Iain’s guide that you mention in your post? Thanks so much

Hi Joanna, I’m sorry not to have replied sooner. We’ve just teturned from a week on Ynys Enlli which was bendigedig! I struggle with the software both for this and the Slack Youtube etc and it is a while since I had to do the Soundcloud thing: I will try and trAck down Iain’s suggestions but do get lost in the various threads and replies etc. Meanwhile what I remember is downloading Audio copy - an appthat lets you record then somehow getting that onto Soundcloud and by trial and error vconnecting that with the 5minute thread or whatevet. In the end I muddled through and completed the challenges to end of level 2 but didn’t engage with the opportunties to connect with othets and chat etc which has left a big hole in my learning which I regret. Sorry again this is a long way round and i hope not to be discouraging but know I need to go back and gather the missing pieces together. Anyway i will have a look for Iain’s post and get back to you. Good luck. Let me know if you’ve already found out.

Guide to IOS Soundcloud for SSIW’ers.pdf (362.7 KB)
This could be of help to some of you. It’s also in #3-useful-gems in Slack with some other hints if you’re doing the 6 Month or 6 Minute a Day course.

Thank you, Aran:blush:

Apologies if this has been asked already. I’m doing the 6 month course and have got to the stage where I need to be uploading to Soundcloud. The trouble is it seems extremely difficult to upload via mobile (iPhone in my case)! Is there any reason I couldn’t use Evernote where it is easier to upload voice clips on mobile? Do we use Soundcloud to share our clips later on?

Mae flin gyda fi os pobl wedi gofyn hi cyn nawr. Dw i ddim yn hoffi Souncloud ac alla i ddim deall sut i ‘upload’ i hi ar fy iPhone. Ga ni deffnyddio rhywbeth arall - Evernote effellai? Hoffwn i defynddio fy ffon neu tablet achos dw i ddim yn defynddio cyfrifiadur fel arfer.

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I’ve just had a go at recording my voice on my Android phone and getting it into SoundCloud and it worked. Here are the steps I went through, which will no doubt be different for iPhones, but hopefully similar.

  1. I found an app in my Android phone called ‘Voice Recorder’ and I recorded myself using that.

  2. I found a ‘Share’ option in Voice Recorder, and I chose to upload it to Google Drive

  3. I went into Google Drive on my PC, found the voice file there, and downloaded it onto my Desktop so I could find it easily

  4. I logged into on my PC and used the ‘Upload’ option to find the file on my Desktop and upload it into SoundCloud, and I set it to Private

  5. It then gave me a Share link option, which I’m going to post here and hopefully it will play :slight_smile:

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I’m struggling with soundcloud too. Can’t seem to get the App to record so am using my laptop and recording in garage band. i’ll then try to upload those files.

The SoundCloud app seems to be mainly for listening to tracks, rather than recording. You need to record using something else (most devices have a voice recorder of some sort), then upload those into SoundCloud. The website version in a browser seems easier to use than the app for that.

Hi Aran, bit late downloading the soundcloud but on it now… first problem though is that when I am trying to post the first word , it is saying i’m out of space and to upgrade ?
any idea why this is ?

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Hi All
Downloaded app for iPad. No joy at all. Looked at YouTube, followed instructions, nothing.
Went to my Android phone and downloaded the app. Worked like a dream.
Now all I need is to share.

It can be easier to share if you go into the website version, log into your soundcloud account, then find your sound file and look for the ‘Share’ option. That gives you a link to copy and paste into the relevant place on the forum :slight_smile:

I’m having this same issue of SoundCloud wanting me to upgrade immediately. Anyone got any suggestions?

Are you able to just ignore it @sakina-murdock? If it’s happening with an app, what happens if you use the website in a browser instead?

Soundcloud mobile site (on my tablet) is unusable, just pishing me to get the app, no way of logging in etc.

Will attempt to get my laptop rolling later, but that’s for work time! My Welsh learning is done while baban is in bed!

Tried Soundcloud app on a different device and it seems they are pushing their paid plans at £5.99 and £9.99 per month.

I take it, these recordings are going to be listened to at some point? I can’t just use my device recording function?

The SoundCloud part of the course is very small, and a ‘nice to have’ but not essential. You can see in The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings the kind of task that you’re asked to do with it, but only if it’s free.

No one has had to pay for anything to do with SoundCloud so it’s bizarre that you’re being asked to do that.

It will be fine if you just do the recording step for yourself and don’t worry about uploading it to SoundCloud. Later on you can go back and listen to your recordings and you’ll see the progress that you’re making.

I’m having the same problem. How did you solve it!?

Hi Rachel,

To be honest it’s that long ago I can’t remember! I think t had to record it in one part if SoundCloud then copy and paste it to the forum…but I’m not entirely sure